1. Hi Rachelle!

    My name is Dom, I’m the Educational Enrichment Editor here at Tutorful. I’m currently working on an editorial on the Top Tools for Homeschooling.

    We just completed a survey, where we asked 60,000 students and tutors who use our platform to recommend their favourite educational sites which have helped them with their home education, whether after school or as full-time homeschoolers – in a response to the thousands of parents who ask us to suggest reliable resources.

    I’m delighted to let you know that TinkerLab was amongst those recommended! We’re now trying to shortlist the top 30 or so resources to include in our article.

    I’ll be looking at all our responses and taking a better look at our favourites, so it would be great if you could get back to me as soon as possible with a paragraph or two to answer the following question:

    “How does TinkerLab stand out and why is your site so valuable for homeschooling and home education?”

    To be considered, please also send .png or .jpeg image file of your site in action.

    We’ll be adding our favourites to the editorial and sending it out in an e-newsletter to 100,000+ families, promoting it on social media and promoting it on our tutor and student dashboards! It’ll also be right there for the 500K visitors we have on our site each month to see! Feel free to be creative with your answer 🙂

    For those who haven’t heard of Tutorful, we’re the UK’s leading online tuition marketplace. We have created a bespoke algorithm, where we are able to connect thousands of families every week with the very best tutor for them. Our content has previously appeared in the Times, Telegraph and Forbes, so a feature in the upcoming editorial offers some great exposure.

    I look forward to your response!

    Kind regards,


    Dom Gibson
    Educational Enrichment Editor, Tutorful

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