september art challenge

We’re inching up on September, which means it’s time to release details for the September Art Challenge. This month brings us a brand new set of art prompts to inspire creativity in your family or classroom this month. With summer ending and school beginning, this time of year is a season of relaxation and business. In that spirit, the September art prompts reflect the ying/yang of this experience.

How to use the Art Challenge prompts

  1. Print out the prompts
  2. Gather sketchbooks or paper
  3. Gather art-making materials: markers, paint, collage papers, glue, etc.
  4. Give yourself a few minutes each day for this challenge. Try the morning after breakfast, after school, after dinner, before bed, etc.
  5. Interpret the daily prompt. Use your imagination, be free, don’t hold back, and have fun.

September Art Challenge

TinkerSketch is a daily sketchbook practice that invites you to experiment and play with ideas and materials in a low-stress, fun, and mind-stretching way.

You’ll start each day with a new prompt and it’s up to you to interpret it however you like. For example, if the prompt is “tiny”you could draw an object with tiny marks, make a small pattern, or paint a picture of small things like snails, sand, or chihuahuas. The possibilities are endless.

More Details

For more details on how the TinkerSketch Art Challenge works, click here to read for a full list of recommended resources and ideas on how to get started with this challenge.

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  1. Hi Rachelle! I was so happy to read about your new book about cursive writing. I have been looking for something like this for my grandson, who is 11 years old……and for myself. I know cursive (I’m 71) but find myself getting slopping as I write. I want to slow down and do it right so I am very grateful for this opportunity you have given me, – not counting all the hundreds of people who feel the same way. I’m going to Amazon right now and order if it is there. They are great about ordering ahead of time. Thanks again and you have a lovely day! All the best to you.

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