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rainbow whirly birds
Rainbow Whirly Birds

Hi all! It’s been a rough couple of days with a one year old who’s not afraid to fight sleep. I think she’s teething, but who really knows, and coffee has been getting me through the days. I had big ideas about sharing Valentines projects and more paper bag experiments, but the reality is that I have a huge pile of dishes to contend with and bags under my eyes.

today's chalkboard drawing
today's chalkboard drawing


However, I’ve been able to snap a few shots of our creative days via Instagram, and thought you might like to see a snapshot from our lives. I’ve been a fan of Instagram since it first came out, and just set up a Tinkerlab account, and if you’re an Instagram fan too, maybe you’d like to follow me!

stanford barn
stanford barn

I like to take the girls on field trips, and last week we wandered over the Stanford Barn to check out the horses. My one-year old is enamored by “neigh-neighs”…from afar…not so much up close and personal…and has been saying “neigh-neigh poop” since last week’s visit. Props to me for the educational trip!

spring time in california
spring time in california

And today we played outside in our garden. We’re having a mild California winter and were able to enjoy an hour in the sand box, do a little seed planting, and pick some wild flowers.

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, I’m Tinkerlab, or follow the link to set up your own account.

Oh my gosh…shortest nap EVER!! Okay, I’m off. Hope to be back tomorrow 🙂


  1. I so miss the Stanford Barn!  I grew up in Palo Alto but live in the Seattle suburbs now… Excited to see pictures of your adventures!  Thanks for posting.

    • Oh, you grew up in Palo Alto! I bet it’s changed a lot since you were here. Isn’t the Stanford Barn a lovely place? I was so happy to find it and we’ve spent lots of happy mornings over there visiting the horses. Seattle is a beautiful place too…hope I can manage to stir up a nice mix of nostalgia for you, Sharon 🙂

  2. We just got over a foot of snow last week. I am pinning for Spring though. I do love winter, but we just got the 2012 organic seed catalog in the mail and it makes me itch for our garden! In Colorado, we don’t start planting until around April-March. 

    I love to see your pictures! Spring is beautiful!

    • I’ve never purchased seeds from a catalogue — do you think that’s a good way to go? Your Colorado winters are so beautiful, and I’m sure you wouldn’t trade them for an earlier Spring 🙂 I used to live in Boston, and you do really feel like you’ve earned Spring once it arrives. Here, we’re a little bit spoiled and maybe a tad jaded!

  3. Must be nice – nice weather in the winter, mmm!!!  Great photos!

    • It is nice, Ann. A little crazy when everyone else is under snow, but nice none the same.

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