What’s One Word to Describe Your Child’s Art Materials?

I posted this question on Facebook yesterday, and I loved reading the responses so much that I thought it would be worth sharing here. The comments were surprising, fascinating, and fun, and I’d be delighted if more of us join this mini conversation. In case you’re wondering, the first idea to pop into my mind was “accessible.” My friend Rebecca said, “My son’s art supplies are… Mine. He’s a total clepto and steals sharpies and other stuff ALL THE TIME!!” Ha! What’s your word? Bonus point for the story behind it.

Here’s the list so far…

word to describe art materials

If you’re interested in art material inspiration, check out my list of 50 Art Materials for Toddlers or The Artful Parent’s 11 Great Art Materials for Toddlers.

What’s one word to describe your child’s art materials?

If you’re a teacher, what’s one word to describe your classroom’s art materials?


  1. Flexible. We like to use materials that can be used in a variety of ways – however the kids’ imaginations choose.

  2. Oooh, that’s a good one, Scott. I’ll second that.

  3. free. Well of course, not all of our materials are free, but other than the basics, we tend to find what we need from things around us… cardboard, junk mail, wire, pine cones, and so on.

    • another good one, maryann! this is often how i operate…aside from being economical, it’s a great lesson in resourcefulness.

  4. Invent… The child always invents new possibilities using familiar materials

    (PS: wrong question.. but whats the wonderful software we use to make this grid)

    • Do you mean the list of words, Shalini? It’s made in Wordle….so much fun, and sort of addicting.

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