Your Art Can Flow Like Water

We recently got back from a camping trip in Big Sur.

In February!

Weather is wildly unpredictable this time of year and we lucked out by squeezing in this trip between storms. 😅

It was so beautiful – the fresh air, redwood forest, ocean views.

I packed a small kit of art supplies so we could capture creative moments in the quiet gaps of time that camping allows.

And of course there was all that nature to absorb!

There had been a lot of rain before we arrived, and I noticed water pushing down the mountain in multiple directions, finding the easiest paths downhill.

This got me thinking about how important it is to go with the flow when it comes to making art – either in making our own art or in supporting our kids as they make theirs.

Have you ever been met by a child’s resistance at the art table? Or maybe you’ve had the experience of getting stuck when it came to your own art?

Rigid planning and inflexibility can lead to resistance.

Here are 5 things to consider for your own art or in supporting a child’s creativity:

  • Follow intuition (i.e. what’s pulling at your heart?)
  • Try new things that look like fun
  • Experiment freely
  • Set no boundaries
  • and follow curiosities.

Interested in following this thread?

These articles are for you:

  1. Process art, or art focussed on the making of it more than the outcome, is a beneficial way to develop this mindset. Check out this article, What is Process Art, to learn more.
  2. Try this activity with an aim to follow curiosities:Bubble Painting Process Art​
  3. Read about how following a toddler’s curiosities: 8 ways to follow a child’s curiosities

Let your art flow!

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