Make Cardboard Tube Snowflakes

Cardboard Tube Snowflakes | TinkerLab

When I saw this toilet paper tube star garland on Creative Jewish Mom, I knew my 3 year old would enjoy it. We didn’t have any toilet paper rolls on hand, so I improvised with what we had.

Supplies: Cardboard Tube Snowflakes

  • Chipboard Box or Cardboard Tubes
  • Scissors
  • Stapler or Tape
  • Glitter

chipboard tube snowflakeWe made them from a chipboard box (very sturdy, just like toilet paper/loo rolls) and from construction paper (not so sturdy, but it worked well too).

chipboard tube snowflakeI cut the front off a box of yummy cookies, and then cut that in half.

chipboard tube snowflakeThen I stapled them right up like a toilet paper roll.

chipboard tube snowflakeNext, I cut vertical strips to about 1/2″ from the bottom.

chipboard tube snowflakeSpread them all out to reveal a starburst or snowflake.

chipboard tube snowflakeAnd then added glitter glue to make them a bit fancy.

Before we bought the cookies, we tried this out with construction paper using the same process.

paper roll snowflake decorationAnd we hung them from the ceiling with a couple feet of baker’s twine.

paper roll snowflake decoration

paper roll snowflake decorationThey’re a bit wobbly compared to their chipboard box cousins, but my 3 year old is quite pleased with the results.

Because I’m sure it’s the same for many of you, it’s a busy time at Casa Tinkerlab. I’m half-way through sewing an elf costume (it’s the only thing my 3 year old has asked me for this season!), cookies are cooling in the kitchen, and homemade sugar scrubs are in the works. I plan to slow down on the posts through the end of the year. But do check back because I have a few more ideas in the hopper before the end of 2011.


{If you haven’t had a chance to read my interview about setting up a kids art space with the inspiring Jean Van’t Hul of The Artful Parent, take a look today, and leave a comment by 9 pm PST to be entered into the giveaway.}


  1. Jena @ HappyLittleMesses says

    you have made me hungry for those dark chocolate dipped shortbread cookies that are already sold out at our local trader joe’s.  sweet snowflakes.

    • Rachelle says

      Aren’t they yummy? They don’t last long in our house. Hope your TJ’s carries them soon 🙂

    • Rachelle says

      Hee hee. They’re yummy, Rashmie. Maybe I need to mail you a box (I’m assuming you don’t have TJ’s in India?)?!

  2. says

    These are great! I saw these too and thought about making them.  I like how you made your own tube material! We made flowers like this and added sticks for stems ages ago, but maybe make some more and add the spangles.  I hope to slow down too…..we shall see. We need a break! Congrats for being mentioned in the Naeyc Magazine… rock!

    • Rachelle says

      Oh, adding stems to make flowers is a great idea, Melissa. I think we have a spring activity in the works! I also hope you can find a way to slow down. When you’re the kind of person who likes making stuff, the work can be endless!

  3. says

    We did something similar to this last year during the holidays with tp rolls too. Thanks for reminding me, lol! I better start saving those rolls for this year. I love your improvisation!

    • rachelle says

      Hi Stephanie!
      I’ve learned that improvisation is at the center of my parenting style! I love going with the flow and following my kids’ lead (most of the time!). Look forward to meeting you in person soon!