21 Ways to Get Creative

Do you consider yourself creative? Here’s a list of 21 ways to get creative, and you may be surprised to see that you’ve done at least one thing from this list today.

Think of these as creativity-boosters; things that you can do to get out of a brain-blocked rut. Think of how you came up with a solution to a problem while in the shower, or of traveling outside of your comfort zone and into a new state-of-mind.

This list is by no means conclusive, but if you’re like me, a too-long list just gets overwhelming. Take a look-see and add your own ideas for boosting creativity in a comment below.

21 ways to get creatiive

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The following articles inspired this post…

5 Ways to Spark your Creativity, Sarah Zielinsky for NPR

How to be Creative, Jonah Lehrer on the Wall Street Journal. Lehrer writes about the science of creativity, and shares a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago that shows when people drink alcohol they’re more creative. I originally included “drink a glass of wine” in this list to reflect this study, but since removed it since there are so many other ways to get creative.

29 Ways to Stay Creative by Ivan at Creative Bits. The format of Ivan’s awesome list inspired this one. Thanks for your brilliance!

Which of these have you already done today? And what would you add to this list?



  1. I have two:
    – Make a mess
    Pretty self explanatory! Something crafty, something in the kitchen, or just jump in a muddy puddle!

    – Do something crazy
    Try something you really aren’t sure you can do, or something completely out of character. Push the envelope – even if it doesn’t work, it should be an adventure. And if it does work, you will amaze yourself!

    • YES, yes, yes. I’m so glad you shared these — jumping right into something (let’s stop thinking so much for a minute) and doing something new. Both great suggestions.

    • I know…there’s something wonderful about movement and fresh air for jogging the mind.

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