Recycled Weaving Fence

Water Painting Experiments

Drawing Shadows

Hop Circle

Bird Feeder

Fabric Sunprints

Sticky Autumn Collage

Finding Nature

Creativity in the Garden

Inspiring Websites

Play Outside: Recommended Resources for Outdoor Learning Environments. Inspiring quotes, articles, and research for parents and early childhood educators.

Outdoor Learning Environments. National Clearninghouse for Educational Facilities. A long, detailed list of articles, videos and research on outdoor learning spaces.


Let the Children Play. Chock-full of great ideas for encouraging imaginative play outdoors. Every week they post “Nature Play Friday,” with good ideas and links that never fail to spark new ideas for outdoor fun.

Go Explore Nature. Nature-inspired adventures in Los Angeles and Southern California. Regular features include reviews of nature-inspired adventures, simple ideas for nature play and tips for getting outdoors all year long. The way I see it: if you can find nature in L.A., you can find nature anywhere!

Kindling.  Forest Work, Play, and Outdoor Learning.


  1. Thanks for your feedback on the fairy house post on my blog, time to get those googly eyes out and play in the woods. Lily x

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