Benefits of Process Art: A Summary

benefits of process art: a summary

There are so many benefits to process art!

It’s developmentally appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children because it meets them where they are as sensory explorers.⁠

Through process art, children…⁠

✔️ gain confidence, independence, and imagination.⁠
✔️ learn about the physical limitations and possibilities of materials.⁠
✔️ use creative and critical thinking skills.⁠
✔️ realize their own ideas.⁠
✔️ ask questions and experiment.⁠
✔️ embrace experiments as part of the learning process.⁠

In short, if you’re not already dipping your toes into process art, it’s a game changer! Not just for children, but for parents, too. ⁠

Why parents?

With process art, you…⁠

☀️ don’t have to hold all the answers.⁠
☀️ save so much time with simple setups .⁠
☀️ won’t get frustrated when your child doesn’t follow the rules of rigid crafts. ⁠
☀️ get to witness the development of creative ideas. ⁠

New to process art? Not sure how to start or what your role is?⁠

Would you like to learn process art techniques the TinkerLab way?

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