What I’m reading: Kids Art, Design, Philosophy, and Poetry

What I’m reading: Kids Art, Design, Philosophy, and Poetry

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The Artful Parent, Jean Van’t Hul

I’ve had Jean’s book for ages and it’s a well-loved staple in my kids creativity book diet. This book is the revised edition. I’m revisiting it these days to find new projects and ideas we haven’t tried yet. I’m honored to be included in this book with this article: Playful Exploration of Art Ideas and Materials. This book is a must-have for creative families, and ECE teachers would benefit from it as well.

Devotions, Mary Oliver

A friend gave me a copy of Mary Oliver’s Devotions, and every page holds magic. An excerpt from “Just as the Calendar Began to Say Summer”: I went out of the schoolhouse fast / and through the gardens and to the woods, / and spent all summer forgetting what I’d been taught –

This book is a winner for gifting your days with small bursts of creative inspiration.

Design for Belonging, Susie Wise

The subtitle of Susie’s book is “How to Build Inclusion and Collaboration in your Communities.” This book is part of a series called the Stanford d.School guides. I’ve known Susie for years and she’s a beautiful, intentional human. As I think about our dorm and student staff, I’m hoping this guide can help us foster more inclusion and collaboration. The illustrations by the ever talented Rose Jaffe make this book sing.

Gift from the Sea

I found this in a Little Free Library (the best, imo!), and didn’t know what to expect. While Gift from the Sea was written ages ago, it’s a timeless tale of woman-hood, mothering, and finding quiet in a busy world. It’s slow reading that requires patience, but the pace is also the message. Since reading this book, I’ve paid closer attention to small gifts in my life, noticing the symbolism in everyday moments.

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