Cling Film Art Experiment

The Cling Film Art Experiment with Jewels | TinkerLab.com

I’m having the BEST time with this month’s TinkerSketch Challenge. How about you?

This Cling Film Art Experiment ties in with the Day 4 prompt to “Squirt Paint.” These TinkerSketch prompts can be interpreted in any number of ways. For example, you could draw a tube of paint, squirt paint on paper, squeeze paint on your hands and then finger paint. So many possibilities!

If you want to try your hand and combining paint blobs with cling film, keep reading!

Supplies for Cling Film Art

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  1. Paint – I used acrylic. Liquitex Basics is a good beginner set that’s a great value.
  2. Paper (or other substrate)
  3. Cling Wrap – I used Glad Cling Wrap

Steps for Cling Film Art

  1. Squeeze paint on paper
  2. Cover in cling wrap
  3. Press it down and smear around
  4. Reveal your creation!
  5. Repeat as desired.

How to try the Cling Film Art Experiment with Cellophane and Acrylic Paint | TinkerLab.com

After my 4-year old saw all the fun I was having, she wanted in. Here’s her experiment…

How to try the Cling Film Art Experiment  | TinkerLab.com

When she was done, she added jewels and told me that she would be selling these for $5.99. But because I’m her mom, I would get one for free. Score!

The Cling Film Art Experiment with Jewels | TinkerLab.com

And a look at how we finished my sketchbook entry together. I’m a fan of collaborative art…

How to try the Cling Film Art Experiment  | TinkerLab.com

After adding about three layers of blobs and cellophane, I smeared the paint around with the pealed off cling wrap.

Once dry I’ll have a cool background to draw or paint on top of. Or maybe I’ll just leave it the way it is. By the way, it’s hard to tell in the photo, but I went ahead and glued the cling wrap right to the paper. Why not?

What do you think? Are you up for making some cling film art? 

Enjoy your art experiments, and if you come up with any riffs on this technique, I would LOVE to hear about it!

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  1. Absolutely fantastic! PS, were on our way to our local LOWES for some Hardware Craft Supplies shopping FUN!! SOO excited thanks to you! ;D Loved your book as well! As soon as there’s time, I’ll share review on my blog. Big Thanks Again!

    • Thanks, Jeanine! I can spend HOURS in the hardware store. I hope you had a great time and look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Great activity. Myself and my daughter have done on a larger scale before by cutting open a black bin bag and taping to the table, I then put paint in blobs on and then Clingfilm on top. Its great for when have several children doing together. My daughter loves the activities from this page

  3. Has anyone tried washable paint?

    • Washable paint would definitely work, Sharon.

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