Coming Soon: Egg Carton Creative Challenge

If you’re not already stockpiling your egg cartons for rainy day upcycling, start saving those cartons for the next creative challenge. 

A little background

Every two months I host a Creative Challenge, with the introduction of a readily available material and the invitation for children to create something from it.

The objective of these challenges is to help children learn to trust their own ideas, build creative confidence, and envision new purposes for common objects.

To join, document your maker journey with one of more photo, and then come back on April 9 to share what you did. If you have a blog, set your post to go live on April 9. Otherwise, you can add images of your work to a comment on my blog on April 9. Either way, it’s fun to share and be inspired.

So far, the following kid-friendly bloggers let me know that they’re in excited to share their contributions.

Will you join us too?


To read more about the challenges, click here.



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    • Yay! If you have a blog (and it sounds like you do), attach a link and I’ll add it to the list, Teresita.

  1. I don’t have a blog, but I save egg cartons like mad.  Besides for my mom-in-law’s chicken eggs, the Styrofoam ones are best for separating craft paint for projects and such!

    • Yay! I hope you’ll join us. You can add a photo to your comment if you’d like — I’d love to see what you all create!

  2. Count us in Rachel! We would love to participate we have lot of egg carton crafts, Do you have a link limit this time too? Esther(Creativity my Passion)

    • No limit, Esther. I’d love to see a wide range of ideas. Of course, I’d like to limit people who have gazillions of posts as it would overshadow everyone else’s creations, so please be mindful of that!

  3. so, i have a post i did a few months ago. can i use that or do i need to come up with something new. i really like the thing i did. 

  4. I’ll be there. Big M got creative with the egg cartons… go figure 😉

  5. Egg carton challenge accepted! blog posted this morning – Big and Small’s Hungry Caterpillar puppet! http://daisydinosaur.com/2012/04/09/egg-carton-creative-challenge/

    • Love it! Feel free to link up here too: https://tinkerlab.com/2012/04/creative-challenge-egg-carton/

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