Creative Experiment #3: Legos

Creative Experiment #3: Legos

Make something with Legos.

Legos are great for building, but what else do you or your children use them for? Have they surprised you with a clever repurpose, used them for painting, or pretended they were play money? Or maybe they use them to build, and have really pushed the envelope of Lego possibility?!

What can you do with Legos, or what HAVE you done with Legos? The project should be executed by children, but adults are welcome to facilitate or collaborate if the mood strikes!

To join in on the Experiment

  • Use Legos, Mega Bloks, or similar toy, along with any other materials of your choice.
  • Attach a link to your blog post, a YouTube video, or photo of the experiment along with a description of what you and/or your child/ren did in the comment section below.
  • There is no deadline for this project.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some thoughts to get you started:

  • Next time you’re painting, try stamping with Legos.
  • Show your children art by Lego artists Nathan Sawaya or Sean Kenney as inspiration.
  • As a provocation, give them Legos with another material like fabric, dollhouse dolls, blocks, or toy cars and see what they come up with.

Instructions for adding an image file

  • Click on the “Choose File” button (below the “Submit” button)
  • Choose a JPEG file from your computer
  • Type in a description of your experiment into the comment text box
  • Click the “Submit Comment” button

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  1. Oh my gosh, I feel like my entire life is a provocation by Legos! Stepping on them, trying not to vacuum them up, refereeing Lego-based arguments…

    (I know what you mean by provocation here, I just couldn’t resist!)

  2. Hilarious! I was actually expecting comments along these lines!

  3. My daughter made a brick film – a stop motion movie with duplos! Turkeydoodles on YouTube. 🙂

    She definitely needs practice, but not too shabby for a four year old!

    • That’s awesome! Can you post a link?

  4. Love this post! Shared your blog and one of the lego artists on my fb page. I can’t wait to show these lego artists with my husband! We will have to do some lego experimenting!

    • Legos are popular with kids and adults — kids shouldn’t have all the fun 🙂

  5. http://childcentralstation.blogspot.com/2010/10/play-wellgood-legos.html Here is one of my Lego posts! Did you know that Legos come from Denmark and the word Lego comes from the 2 words play and well? (in Danish) More in the post…

    Here is another post where we tried some Lego Science:

    A little more on legos here:

    We use legos for math a lot.. they are a great visual when teaching area. volume and multiplication

    My husband is from Denmark and Dane is the only grandchild on that side of the family… Thus, we have a HUGE collection of LEGOS, a better question would be what don’t we use legos for!

    • Thanks for sharing all the fun links — there are so many things you can do with Legos! And that’s no joke — you really do have a lot of Legos in your house!!

      I have a friend who moved to the States from Denmark, and her husband insisted on bringing his childhood Legos all that distance. 🙂 She told me about the Danish origins, and I just love the attached meaning.

  6. Michael, who is five, spends the majority of his days with legos. He carries some of them around the house with him. There are boxes full of legos in every room. I often hear him call out “I just need to get a piece, I’ll be right back” as he runs upstairs.

    The coolest thing about this vehicle is that he’s been working on it for a week, and it looks different every time I see it. It started out as a truck with a trailer, that actually carried cars. . .I can’t wait to see what it will be tomorrow=)

    • Look at that vehicle! A whole week! With two kids under 3, it’s hard to imagine such a dedicated attention span. The possibilities are truly endless, and I can see how amazed you must be each time you see Michael’s creations. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Madison, four, has very little interest in legos. I’m sure if I smothered them in paint she’d have a new love for the little bricks. Yesterday she came to me with this creation, and then carried it with her for half the day. She’s such a joker.

    Thank you for the experiments. I haven’t been gotten my comments onto all of them, but I do keep them in mind as we spend our days creating!

    • Are you kidding me? This is great — a Lego toothbrush!! Looks like you’ve got a creative thinker on your hands, Jillian 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing! What a fun process, and the result is equally fab.

  8. my art teacher who has inspired me to be an art teacher had this great idea to do with his family. Each person got to design their own chair for the kitchen table, so for his son they covered his chair in legos. It’s great because he can build onto his chair whenever he wants!

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