Creative Table: Tree Trunk Leaf Collage

This Creative Table prompt invites you to use simple materials that you can easily gather on a walk and from basic supplies in your home.
Simple art prompt for kids with leaves, paper, and paper


  1. Paper
  2. Marker or other drawing tool
  3. Bowl of white glue
  4. Paint brush
  5. Fallen Leaves, gathered on a walk

Start with a Nature Walk

No trees were harmed for this project as we gathered leaves that had already fallen to the ground.

The Set Up

Clear the table

Draw a basic trunk structure on the paper. Don’t worry about perfection

Place the leaves, bowl of glue, and brush around the paper

Invite your child to create

More Ideas

Add markers or crayons and invite your child to add texture to the tree

Draw leaves or other ideas from their imagination

Draw a bird shape and offer feathers rather than leaves


  1. Gotta love any project that starts with a nature walk! 🙂

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