Fold a Heart Envelope Valentine

When it comes to making cards for Valentine’s Day we love finding projects that give kids room to express themselves, be creative, and think imaginatively.

This project is fabulous because children are invited to paint anything they like on a piece of paper, which is then cut into a heart shape. A message is written on the back and the heart itself turns into the envelope! The whole thing takes just one sheet of paper, making it easy and affordable. 

If you want to take it a step further, tuck a small candy, eraser, or stickers inside before sealing it up. 

This project has been around TinkerLab for a while now – we originally posted about it as the All-in-one Heart Envelope. Today’s version uses the same basic envelope folding technique, plus painting!


  1. Paper
  2. Tempera Paint
  3. Paint brushes
  4. Scissors
  5. Stickers
  6. Pen 

Step 1: Invite your child to paint

I like to store tempera paint in sealable jars so we can use the paint over and over again. These paints (purple, red, and orange) were each mixed with a bit of white to create a pastel color palette. We chose a semi-Valentine’s color scheme. Feel free to use any colors that bring you joy. 

Paint anything you like! This step is super fun and gives kids room to play. If you’re making a set of cards of a class or group of friends, set up multiple pieces of paper (one for each person on your list) and have fun experimenting on all of them. 

Step 2: Cut a large heart from the paper

When the paint dries, fold the paper in half and cut a heart. If you’d like to invite your child to help with this step and they’re new to cutting hearts, follow this easy tutorial on how to cut a heart. 

Step 3: Write a message

Step 4: Fold the Heart Envelope

Seal it with a sticker or glue a cutout paper heart to seal the envelope shut. 


  1. Experiment with different media. Rather than paint, color the paper with crayons, oil pastels, or colored pencils.
  2. Pre-cut the hearts before adding paint.
  3. Make your own “stickers” by cutting hearts from paper and gluing them in place with a glue stick. 
  4. Short on time? Make heart envelopes from patterned paper and invite your child to add personalized messages on the blank side of the heart. 

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