Are you getting into the Halloween Spirit? At the first site of Halloween costumes (um, I think it may have been in August), my older daughter was overwhelmed with excitement to pull our decorations out of storage. I made her wait until September, which also seemed ridiculously early but at least it wasn’t August! We’ve already tackled at least five Halloween-related projects, so I have plenty to share with you in the next few weeks. If you’re looking for process-based Halloween projects, definitely check back soon!

One of the things I dug out is a glittery, black Halloween tree. We had orange, black, and green paper on the table from a collage project, and N decided it would be fun to make ornaments for the tree. Ha! I never would have thought of this, and adore how inventive children can be. Two of my favorite things about this project: it’s low-cost (assuming you already have the tree) and it’s a great way for little ones to work on cutting, stapling, and decision-making.

halloween treeMaterials

halloween treeN had a plan to cut shapes out of the paper, staple small pieces on top of them, and color some of them with markers. I loved it! When her ornaments were ready, she told me where to poke the holes and then I strung them with partially opened paper clips. Do you know this trick? Someone recently told me how you can use paperclips as ornament hangers in a pinch, and I had no idea that this random bit of knowledge would come in handy so soon!

halloween treeAnd there it is, our Halloween Tree. What do you think?

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    • Thanks, Catherine. I love that too! It’s so meaningful to them, and the feeling of pride is super high!

  1. I love this tree. Awwwww, I love arts & crafts projects at home. Looks like you all had some great creative family fun. Thanks for sharing! Happy Almost Halloween!

    • Happy Halloween to you too, Monica!

  2. Tell your little one she has done a great job!
    The tree is so pretty!
    We have been in Halloween Spirit for a couple of weeks now and at the moment we are doing preps for a little Halloween Party this weekend. My daughter has invited some of her classmates to the party. It is so lovely to see how enthusiastic she is about organizing everything!

    • Thank you, Mermaid, I’ll let her know! Aren’t those Halloween stores so much fun?! When children are motivated, it’s amazing to see what they’re capable of! Have a wonderful party.

  3. I love it 🙂

    We love Halloween too and we started decorating in September… near the end of the month. We just couldn’t help ourselves. It’s so much fun to decorate!

    I look forward to seeing your upcoming halloween projects 🙂

    • I agree, Heather, and the excitement builds as we walk around the neighborhood and spot all the ghosts, spiderwebs, etc. that pop up over night.

  4. Love the decorations fully executed by a toddler. I think they look awesome. It’s nice that you have such a great display for them.

    • Thanks, Natalie! I’m all for supporting my child’s big ideas 😉

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