Snowflake Collage Activity for Kids

snowflake collage activity for kids

Are you looking for a meaningful process art project to do with the kids this winter? I have an answer for you with this snowflake collage activity for kids.

Have you made snowflakes with your child? Once you get started, making snowflakes can be completely addicting. Last year, when my older daughter was three, we made PILES of snowflakes and this year she turned into a snowflake-making machine about a week before Thanksgiving. The good news for us Californians is that we’ll be knee-deep in snow by December at this rate!


Tissue paper


Heavy paper – a large sheet

Glue or Mod Podge


Snowflake Collage Activity for Kids

snowflake activity for kids

Step 1: Cut Snowflakes

There are lots of ways to make paper snowflakes, and my favorite tutorial for easy, good looking snowflakes can be found by Maya over at Maya Made.  This also happens to be a favorite blog of mine, and you’ll probably enjoy getting lost in the images of her gorgeous farmhouse and handmade loveliness.

We used a pack of precut tissue circles like these, but any tissue paper or other thin paper will work equally well.

snowflake activity for kids

Step 2: Lay them out over a sheet of card stock

4-year old N set hers out on top of two sheets of card stock that she taped together.

snowflake collage activity for kids

Step 3: Get your Mod Podge and Palette Knife ready

I spread a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the paper to which N deftly attached each snowflake. She was in charge of the layout, which included some beautiful layering of colors. After she placed the snowflake, I added a little more Mod Podge to seal it in place.

Watered down white glue will also work if you don’t have Mod Podge.


Step 4: Keep making snowflakes until you’re done

Snowflake collage activity for kids

Step 5: If your dad’s birthday is coming up, turn it into a gift 🙂

Or, proudly hang your masterpiece and welcome in the winter season.

It’s all about the process

Like all the projects on TinkerLab, I hope you’ll take this inspiration from what we share and run with it in your own direction. Or better yet, encourage your child to take it in their own direction.

Happy experimenting!

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  1. Another option would be to use bleeding tissue paper then paint them with water or vinegar & have the snowflakes “stain” the paper.

    • I like that idea as well 🙂 and I like this ideas as well!

  2. ‘Snowflake making machine’ made me laugh…. I have one of those at home too!!! I love the tissue paper, they are so pretty.

    • Some projects really do turn them into little machines, Ali! Printmaking is another one. Glad to hear that we’re in good company 🙂

  3. Have never thought to use Mod Podge as a collage base on paper. Clever!

    • It works so well, Cassidy! Enjoy! ~Rachelle

  4. So pretty!!! I have a ton of tissue paper just waiting to be turned into snowflakes!

    • That’s awesome, Becky. You won’t regret it.

  5. I’ve never thought to use tissue paper to make snowflakes. I love this, thanks for sharing!!

    • Oh, you’re so welcome Aubrey! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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