Home Art Studio for Small Spaces: Be Creative Anywhere

Some people might think that a sprawling studio or a dedicated art room full of fancy supplies is essential to finally embrace their creativity…

…this simply isn’t true.

I’ve known so many makers, artists, and tinkerers who have turned corners of small homes, patios, or garages into mini creative sanctuaries.

The truth is, creativity isn’t determined by physical boundaries—it can flourish anywhere.

What really matters isn’t the size of your space but how you use what you already have.

Take my simple home studio…

The light is nice, it’s in the dining room, so central to the kitchen where I make coffee (important!), and it’s an easy spot to clean.

The table is one we use for all sorts of things: a buffet for parties or team meetings, a work space for writing, a catch-all space for piles 😜

But in the mornings, it’s my art studio.

Here’s the 5-minute setup process

  • Clear the table
  • Place a big chipboard mat on top of it
  • Set up the art supplies du jour
  • Create

When the paint dries, I put it all away.

The mat tucks behind a filing cabinet, the supplies go back to their ​art carts​, and the table resets for the next big project.

If you want to set up a basic art studio like this one, these are the essentials:

Finding Your Space

First, decide where your space will be.

I love the dining room because it’s central, close to the kitchen, and there’s already a big table ready for making.

Where do you already have a table that you’d be comfortable creating at? Maybe it’s a counter in your kitchen or a desk in your bedroom.

3 Key Ingredients for a Small Art Space

  1. Desk or table
  2. Mat such as a large piece of thick paper like chipboard or tagboard or cutting mat
  3. Shelf or art cart to store supplies

I like having a mat because our tables are kinda nice, but you could skip this ingredient if you’re table is art-friendly.

Storage Solutions

You might get hung up on lacking good storage.

Don’t let this stop you.

If you’re just getting started, pinky promise you don’t need a lot.

See if you have a shelf you could clear off for materials.

If not, you can pick up rolling art cart that tucks away into a corner when not in use, which you can then wheel over to your creative art studio spot when needed.

Time to Create!

Once you have a designated art studio zone, you’ll want to give it a spin.

Not sure where to start? Download my Art Prompt Cards (they’re free) to spark ideas and help you break any creative blocks that are in your way.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from creating!

If you have a home art studio you’d like to share with me, tag me on Instagram or email me back on one of my daily newsletters.

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