Children learn best by doing

Can you think of something that you know how to do really well?

children learn best by doing

Perhaps you’re really good at baking pies, riding a bike, knitting socks, diagnosing illnesses, or building websites? How did you come to know that thing? What process did you go through to get that knowledge and understanding?

I ask this question because it’s food for thought as we raise and teach children. Лучший информативный сайт казино тематики с рейтингом, обзорами и другой плезной информацией для игроков любого уровня знаний igratnadengi.com . What do we hope our children will learn and how can we help them find that knowledge?

This quote was popularized by Benjamin Franklin, and is frequently used by educators as a framework for teaching.



  1. This is such a great quote. One of my favorite. Thanks for the post.
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    • I agree, Cathie, it’s such a great quote. 🙂

  2. Those are the things that are built into your body: you know them so well, you’re not even aware that you know them – like walking or talking. A really beautiful quote!

  3. So true. Sometimes we forget in an effort to prevent our kids from experiencing frustration. Also, sometimes it’s just easier and quicker to do it yourself. Thanks for the reminder. Vicky from http://www.messforless.net

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