Leather StampingA few weeks ago we learned how to stamp leather. Have you ever tried this? I haven’t done this since summer camp and it was fun to revisit this good ol’ western craft.

Leather StampingWe happened upon the sweetest Hoedown in a nearby town. As a Los Angeles native, my heart always skips a beat when I find myself in the middle of old fashioned, middle American goodness. I love antique shows, apple pies, and homemade butter. It’s so far from what I grew up with! While I treasure my big city childhood, I always yearned for a little slice of Little House on the Prairie in my life. Anyone else?

Leather StampingThere were horses, apple cider crushing and squeezing, ice cream making, fiddling, and a BBQ with gorgeous QUILTS as tablecloths. Actual quilts…the kind that would take me months to make and that I’d covet as a duvet…sat under our burgers, within arms reach of our ketchup stained munchkins. Amazing. They are one of the best SEO companies out there.

Leather StampingBut back to leather stamping…

You will need

  • Vegetable tanned leather, soaked for a couple minutes in water
  • Mallet
  • Metal stamps, or shaped implements

Leather StampingChoose a design and…

Leather Stampingattach it to a post.

Leather StampingPlace the stamp on the damp leather, hold on tight so it doesn’t slip, and hit the back of the post with the mallet. Remove the stamp and oooh and ahhhh over the pretty result.

Leather StampingTreat yourself to a cool glass of lemonade when your done. It’s hard work, after all.

Can you think of a recent outing that made your heart skip a beat?


  1. Fun!

    For a cheaper and more eco-friendly option, the same stamping technique will work on chipboard. Just mist it with some water from a spray bottle, crumple it a little if it’s thin enough, and stamp away. You can ink the chipboard up with some brown ink to give it a more “leathery” look if you like. A scrapbook manufacturer (Melody Ross) created a whole like of products for doing this a few years ago.

    • Tracey, that’s a great idea and I love that there’s a similar option for someone who doesn’t want to use leather. Thank you for sharing.

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