May Art Challenge from TinkerLab

may art challenge from tinkerlab

May Art Challenge

It’s time for the May Art Challenge! 🎨🗓Each month, we follow a set of art prompts that are open to interpretation. Our goal is to build an art practice that helps us explore new ideas and experience joy through self expression. Sometimes we need a little boost to remind us to create!

All ages and skill levels are welcome. I’m trying something new this month with a calendar format. Do you prefer this or the previous list style? LMK!

If you have children or if you’re a teacher, these prompts are made for you. 👩‍👧Share the daily prompt with your child and see what they come up with! 💫We’re also fans of setting up side-by-side collaborative sketchbook time, and even pure “me time” if you need your own little art break. 🤫📝

Don’t worry if you miss days…just join us when you can. Inspire your imagination to fly and leave perfection at the door. This is all about process, play, and experimentation.

Grab the May Art Challenge image and save to your phone or desktop. Print it out and glue into your art journal. Re-share on your Instagram wall. Post to Facebook. Art challenges are more fun with friends, so be sure to ask a buddy to join you.

No experience necessary. Kids and adults welcome.

1. Find a sketchbook or stack of paper. Beyond that, use any materials you like. Paint, pencil, collage papers, dirt. It’s up to you. You could even go paper-free and make this a photo challenge.

2. If you’re on Instagram, you can follow and join the challenge there, too. Tag me @tinkerlab so I can reshare your posts in my stories. Upload your photos with the hashtags #tinkerlabartchallenge and #tinkersketch > May Art Challenge on Instagram

3. Invite friends to join you because, well, it’s more fun with friends. Plus, an accountability partner will keep you going. 💫👯‍♀️

4. Have fun!

Starts May 1.

Cut and Paste Prompt List for the May Art Challenge

If you’d rather cut and paste the list into a document or something else, here’s the full list for the May Art Challenge:

  1. Giant
  2. Bump
  3. Water
  4. Window
  5. Sparkle
  6. Old
  7. Straight
  8. Time
  9. Mask
  10. Multiple
  11. Cloud
  12. Boundary
  13. Sand
  14. Sweet
  15. Drop
  16. Moon
  17. Angle
  18. Square
  19. Road
  20. Arrow
  21. Wrong
  22. Salty
  23. Curves
  24. Puzzle
  25. Shadow
  26. Active
  27. Secret
  28. Monochrome
  29. North
  30. Welcome
  31. Doodle


What is the TinkerSketch Art Challenge?

TinkerSketch is a daily sketchbook practice that invites you to experiment and play with ideas and materials in a low-stress, fun, and mind-stretching way.

Who is this Art Challenge for?

Anyone who wants a creative art boost. The stakes are low and it’s super easy to do, even if you have no experience or low confidence with making.

How much time will it take?

While you can spend as much time at this as you like, just set aside 5-10 minutes each day and you’re in business.

I need some tips for carving out 5-10 minutes

  • Carry a sketchbook in your bag and pull it out when you’re waiting in line
  • Designate “creative time” where you and your child draw in sketchbooks side-by-side
  • Wake up a little earlier than usual. You can make this more pleasant by lighting a candle, brewing tea, and sitting with your sketchbook for a few minutes before the rest of your home wakes up

What’s the goal?

  • Improve your drawing, painting, mark-making skills
  • Try and explore new ways of art-making
  • Land on new ideas that wouldn’t have emerged otherwise
  • Have fun
  • Model creative thinking for your child (if you’re a parent or teacher)
  • Celebrate the imperfection of your ideas
  • Think creatively

What Tools Will I Need?

  • A sketchbook or a ream of paper. Even post-its or old receipts will work.
  • Mark-making tools like pens and pencils
  • Paint and brush
  • “Attaching” materials such as glue and tape will come in handy
  • Collage materials such as scrap paper, newspaper, old homework, or magazines.
  • Anything else that strikes your fancy. We’ve used hole punchers, chalk markers, tea, and okra (they make beautiful stamps).

See our Resources Page for a full list of recommended supplies for tinkering, art journal keeping, and art making with kids.

Can I see Examples of How this Works?

To see images from TinkerSketch past, click over here or search Instagram for #tinkersketch. You’ll see so many inspiring entries.

How do I interpret the prompts?

You can interpret the daily prompts however you want. “Drips” to one person may mean flicking watercolors off a toothbrush and to another person it might mean covering a page in marker and then leaving the page outside on a drizzly morning. You can take the prompts literally or not — this is completely up to you.

TinkerLab May Art Challenge


  1. Hi dear
    My kiddo loves to draw and she asks for ideas and I challenge her by telling her your ideas.
    This calendar of May is pretty and other kids join her as well to draw something.
    Thank you and take care

  2. I love it!! Thank you for your continued creative inspiration. I may not always get to physically make something new with each prompt, but I love the reminders. <3

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