New Year’s Eve Activities for Kids

New Year's Eve Crafts and Activities for Kids

New Year’s Eve gives us the opportunity to ring in the new year with confetti, wear silly hats, and drink fizzy things. And it can also be a fun time celebrate with kids since we all enjoy getting into the spirit of making noisemakers, counting down to midnight, crafting, and reflecting on the year that passed.

I also love the fresh start of a new year that can open us up to setting intentions. If you’re looking for something along those lines, be sure to check out our popular posts: 8 Ideas to Kick-start a Creative New Year and 5 Resolutions for a Creative New Year.

Included in this comprehensive list:

  • New Year’s Eve art and science activities
  • Counting down to the new year with kids
  • New Year’s Scavenger Hunt Ideas
  • Kid’s Party Hats for the New Year
  • Making New Year’s Noisemakers
  • Reflections on Last Year
  • Setting New Year Goals with Kids

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Art and Science Activities

Set up a Fizzy Science Party, Little Bins for Little Hands

Make up a batch of sparkly, fizzy concoctions with baking soda and vinegar.

Paper Cup Party Popper, Red Ted Art

This is a super quick craft (maybe 5 minutes) that can bring hours of fun

New Year’s Eve Playdough, Homegrown Friends

Make up a batch of glittery play dough. And if you love playdough, check out TinkerLab’s best playdough recipe.

Science for Kids: Fireworks in a Glass, Science Sparks

This is totally safe, very easy and looks just like a firework without the bang and sparkle.

New Year’s Eve Party Masks, Green Owl Art

Make these easy Mardi Gras-style masks with paper, tape, and craft sticks.

DIY Glitter Celebration Wands, Hello Wonderful

Cute celebration glitter wands you can make to ring in the new year with the kids.

Colorful Confetti Popper, Mama Miss

This is not for the glitter-phobes, but it IS a lot of fun.

Countdown to the New Year

New Year’s Eve Bingo, Playdough to Plato

Check these items off the Bingo chart as you see them during the night’s festivities.

New Year’s Eve Countdown Chain, Sugar Aunts

Make a New Year’s resolution, Play charades, have a Dance party. Tear off a chain on the hour for each of the hours leading up to midnight (or “midnight”).

New Year’s Eve Countdown Clock, Buggy and Buddy

Make this craft from a plate and sticky numbers. Decorate at will and then use it to help you countdown the hours until midnight.

New year's scavenger hunts

New Year’s Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Memory Scavenger Hunt, No Time for flash Cards

This is fun way to take a family trip down memory lane. Create a photo card for each month of the previous year. Hide them around the home. After finding them all, sort them by month and reflect on the memories.

New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt, Buggy and Buddy

Similar to the Bingo game (above), how many of these NYE symbols can you find? Free download.

Kids Party Hats for the New Year

New Year’s Eve Party Hats, Tot Schooling

Print out this free printable, and then invite your child to decorate and color on the hat.

New Year’s Party Hat, See Vanessa Craft

These are elegant, and kids can cut the message out and help assemble them.

Watercolor Party Hats, Modern Parents Messy Kids

These would be fun to make with the kids, and oh-my-goodness, check out the cute dog wearing a party hat!

Making New Year’s Noisemakers

New Year’s Eve Party Horn, Pink Stripey Socks

These hilarious party horns are made to look like you’re blowing out of a gigantic mouth. So funny.

New Year’s Eve Noisemakers, Teaching Mama

Make this easy noisemaker from paper plates and confetti.

Wishing Spin Drums, No Time for Flashcards

These cool noisemakers and so unique, and if you use pre-made spin drums, they’re extra easy.

New year's goal setting kids

Looking Back: Reflections on the Past Year

New Year’s Family Interview, Teach Mama

Interview each other about favorite memories from the year.

Make a Time Capsule, Red Ted Art

Fill a jar with hand-written memories from the previous year.

New Year’s Tic Tac Toe, Carrots are Orange

This simple game is one that brings reflection, discussion, laughter, and even a bit of learning.

Looking forward: Setting New Year Goals with Kids

8 Ideas to Kick-Start Creativity in the New Year, TinkerLab

These are some of my favorite ways to bring creativity into your life in the new year.

5 Resolutions that fuel creativity, TinkerLab

This is the post that prompted the “8 idea” post (above). I think you’ll love it.

Free New Year’s Resolution Printable, Modern Parents Messy Kids

I love how simple this easy family resolution printable is. It invites you to reflect on the past year and think about the next year.

Resolutions with Kids: Word of the Year, NurtureStore

Combining art with good intentions, you can create Words of the Year.

Make a Wishing Wall, Buggy and Buddy

Dream up wishes for the new year, write them down, and add them to a wall filled with family wishes.

Make a Blessings Box, The Iowa Farmer’s Wife

Each night before bed write down a blessing and place it in the box.

Painting Fortune Cookies, No Time for Flashcards

Use food coloring to decorate a batch of fortune cookies. Open in the new year to find your fortune.

Help your child set goals for the New Year, Inner Child Fun

New Year’s resolutions are not just for the grownups! Kids benefit greatly from setting, working towards and achieving their own New Year’s goals. Big or small!

Make a Wishing Star Bank, Hello Wonderful

Make this bank from cardboard and paint (so adorable) and fill it with wishes for the new year.

More New Year’s Inspiration

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