Salad Spinner Spin Art

Salad Spinner Spin Art DIYThis spin art project is wonderful for children of all ages, and is especially age-ready for preschool children.

Process-oriented art is so appealing to young children. Why? Because they’re given free reign to explore, experiment, and play with art materials and follow their curiosities along the way. This is a wonderful process art experience that only requires a few simple supplies that you probably already have: a salad spinner, paper, and paint. You can also invest in a spin art machine if you’re looking for something a little fancier.

Are you ready to make some salad spinner spin art?


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Tip: look at a second hand store for a low-cost salad spinner to save yours from a fate as a forever art supply.


  1. Cut paper to fit inside salad spinner
  2. Place paper in the spinner
  3. Squeeze poster paint on the paper
  4. Close the spinner
  5. Give it a spin – turn it fast for the best effect!
  6. Open and admire your art
  7. Repeat

Watch the Video


spin art 1

spin art 2

spin art 3

If you enjoyed this, check out what happened when I asked my daughter to think about what else she could spin…besides paint.

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