Scribble art collage, a playful drawing idea

scribble art collage, a playful drawing idea

When you’re faced with a blank page, do you ever freeze up? I do this all the time, and there are so many reasons. For example, maybe I’m trying to squeeze in an art session it in between other responsibilities and there’s too much pressure, or it could be that pressure to make something monumental which blocks the ideas from flowing.

Fear of the blank page can be enormous, and I’m here to say that it’s time to forget all of that! If you’d like to get into a habit of creating, the most important thing is, ahem, to create. The antidote to all this struggle can be a warm-up exercise to get you out of a maker funk.

I’m in the early stages of creating TinkerLab Art Cards™ and have a few fun ones for you to play with this week. These cards are just the thing to get the mind moving without all the drama. Try one or all of these three prompts to get your art making, collage, and drawing ideas to flow. You can do this spontaneous art prompt solo or with kids, using one, two, or three TinkerLab Art Card as prompts.

Today’s TinkerLab Art Cards:

  • Glue geometric paper shapes into a composition
  • Fill the page with scribbles
  • Add collage pieces from a magazine or old book

Do these in any order, and add other ideas if you’d like.

Would you like to download the cards and use them in your morning routine, art practice, art journaling time, or for early finishers in your classroom? Here you go!

scribble art collage, a playful drawing idea

Download these Art Cards here.

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