Winter Activities Checklist

The air is getting a bit crisper, the clocks are set back, fireplaces are cozying up houses, and winter is on its way. With that, it’s time to start dreaming up ways to celebrate the season.

With our lives feeling overly full, this list is a a gentle reminder and starting point, and by no means a list of all the things you should plan to do this holiday season. The holiday season can be a stressful time, full of so many activities, parties, and travel.  I like to put things in the calendar that we’re already planning to do, so that this doesn’t add more work to an already busy time of year.

winter activities checklist

How we use the Winter Activities Checklist

Our family aims to build traditions and we like keep things simple. We’ll make a copy of the list for our fridge or magnet board, and reference it when we’re building an activity advent calendar, looking for fun things to do to fill an hour, or when we’re planning out the season. It’s nice to have this list handy as a reminder of seasonal activities that we love to share and celebrate as traditions each year.

Some of the winter activities, like look at holiday lights or play in the snow can be easy to blend into the rhythm of your day. Others, like ice skating or a family craft night may require a little more planning.

While we won’t do everything on the list, our absolute not-to-miss winter activities include: drink hot cocoa, visit a tree farm (this is our favorite spot), make ornaments, play in the snow, and volunteer.

winter activities checklist

How to use the Winter Activities List

  • Sit down as a family and circle or highlight the activities you want to try
  • Give yourself a goal to try 5, 10, 15, or ?? activities from the list
  • Post it somewhere as a reminder
  • Take pictures as you try the activities
  • Make a family photo album for all the fun activities you try
  • As you do the activities check them off the list

50 Winter Activities for Families

Look at holiday lights

Drink hot cocoa

Visit Santa

Build a fire

Read holiday stories

Make cookies

Play with friends

Have a family craft night

Make a popcorn garland

Make salt dough ornaments

Take a snow walk

Paint on snow

Watch the Nutcracker

Make a winter art project

Make a gingerbread house

Make soup

Build a snowman

Decorate with lights

Sing carols

Light candles

Take a family holiday photo

Make paper snowflakes

Eat a candy cane

Play the dreidel game

Build a fire

Wrap presents

Make holiday cards

Go sledding

Visit a tree farm

Make a snowflake collage

Have a pajama day

Go ice skating

Make reindeer food


Go sledding

Make paper stars

Watch a holiday movie

Eat latkes

Make ornaments

Hang ornaments

Make a wreath

Make homemade gifts

Hang stockings

Look at holiday lights

Play in the snow

Donate to a food bank

Host or join a cookie swap

Have a game night

Write a letter to Santa

Make treats for neighbors

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Winter Activities Checklist

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