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Please leave a comment for a chance to win a complete Spielgaben set. This offer is only available to readers with addresses in the the US, UK, and Australia. Winner will be chosen by Random Number Generator.

Contest closes on November 16 at 11:59 pm EST.

Deadline Extension

Due to some confusion on where to enter this contest, we’ve extended the deadline to November 19 at 11:59 pm EST to give everyone who entered their info elsewhere a chance to grab a spot in this contest. Thanks!

Thank you to everyone who entered to win! A winner has been selected and the contest is now closed. Please see your newsletter for more details.




  1. These sets are incredible. I would love to win one for my Montessori playgroup.

  2. I would LOVE to win the Spielgaben set!
    Thank you for the opportunity (“,)

  3. Love your site, full of fun and inspirational ideas

  4. It is beautiful! I have been dreaming about how many toys I can charity shop to make room for the speilgaben. Thank you for sharing it and fingers and toes are crossed

  5. I would love one of these, as a childminder it would be a great addition to my space. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Awesome giveaway…I’m hopeful 😀 Thanks for your fabulous site too!

  7. Ooooh would love to win this! Good luck everyone! Love that this is an Aussie product to!

  8. How I would love to engage and inspire another potential little Einstein (or a few) with this amazing set!

  9. What a wonderful opportunity to share! Good luck everyone.

  10. What a creative site; looking forward to the newsletter!

  11. Thanks so much for all the inspiration. My girls would love this, and I would too!

  12. This looks awesome 🙂 My two would really enjoy this!! Great ideas on this site too.

  13. What a great giveaway, I’m glad I live in the delivery zone.

  14. A great website and fab ideas, thank you. This Spielgaben set would be a wonderful educational toy for my children. Here’s hoping I might win it!

  15. I would love one of these sets!! – I look after my Grandchildren and I am a teacher so educational toys really make sense!!

  16. very intriguing set…. thanks for the opportunity….

    s cree

  17. Looks like a fab resource for our children to test their mathematical problem making and solving skills! Hope we win, thanks for the chance.

  18. Ooohhh! What a dream to have one of these incredible Speilgaben sets for playing and learning with my children. Thanks so much for this terrific opportunity… (fingers, toes etc firmly crossed!)

  19. Oh the possibilities! Loving all the ways tinker lab is inspiring my family and my classroom!

  20. I’m keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I get this!

  21. I’m soooo excited. I’m crossing fingers and toes. Thank you got a great giveaway.

  22. It is amazing all the open ended possibilities that these sets afford play. Children will really be able to take advantage of directing their own play and learning!

  23. Love your site and would LOVE to win this!

  24. Thank you for such a great giveaway. As a homeschool mom of two highly kin esthetic learners this would be a valuable asset in our home!!!! Good luck to everyone! It’s a fantastic set.

  25. Rachelle,

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and light with others. I came across your site through a few other gentle parenting and creative play websites I frequently read. And. Thank you for hooking up one of us lucky readers with this incredible play set. Good luck to all of us :).

  26. What a great set – thank you for the opportunity!

  27. please please please…
    fingers crossed
    and thanks a bunch!

  28. I am new to TinkerLabs subcriber and am very interested to get it!

  29. This set looks amazing. I hope I can receive one, fingers crossed. I am new to your newsletter and website. Looking forward to lots of exciting projects and reviews.

  30. I have been eyeing these sets! They look amazing!

  31. Thank you. I am new h ere, but already feel right at home.

  32. Would love to win of these sets for my 3 and 1/2 year old!

  33. These look like they would keep my husband and daughter busy for a long time!

  34. Hi- I admit I don’t know what Spielgaban is but it looks very pretty…I love the colors and look forward to a chance at learning all about it…thanks!!!

  35. This set is amazing. Been eyeing them for a while. My fingers are crossed tightly x

  36. What an amazing toy! I am having fun imagining all of the games my sons could dream up with this.

  37. What a wonderful, multi-use toy. Hours of fun!

  38. Darn. I’m across the ditch in New Zealand. But my mother in law is a teacher in the US. I’d love to win them for her. Probably not doable though. Good luck to everyone else who has entered.

  39. This looks wonderful for my 5 yr and 2 1/2 yr old boys. I just subscribed to your newsletter and love the ideas

  40. Crossing my fingers and sending out big wishes : )
    Thanks, Rachelle!

  41. This would provide months of engaging activities for my children and grandchildren!

  42. These sets look extremely well-built! It would be great to get one.

  43. Thanks for the opportunity. Would love a set for our family.

  44. This set looks amazing! My daughter would love it.

  45. I just love these sets, and the myriad of different ways they can be played with.

  46. So excited for this giveaway and finding great resources for open play for my 2 kids.

  47. I would love the chance to win and share them with my Preschool class.

  48. our family would love this set! thanks for the opportunity!

  49. Wow this is such a great prize I can imagine it inspiring my little one to tinker for may years to come. Thank you!

  50. What an amazing tool/toy! I home school but I am also a volunteer at our local preschool/ Kindergarten class. This would be a great tool for our home and then I’d love to see it in our Preschool and K class!! I’d love to share the joy!!

    Thanks for at least introducing me to this! I’m excited to know about such a toy!!

  51. This would be an absolute answer for me!!!! Hoping…hoping….hoping:)

  52. I love how the set encourages imagination and making up your own games rather than relying on a set game with its set rules.

  53. My kids would be super excited to win this!

  54. This set looks absolutely amazing!! I would love to explore with my children with this set then have it for when I start my school in a few years!!!
    Lovely, lovely product!

  55. I thought i signed up already but it looks like i may need to sign up on this sheet. I have my fingers and toes crossed so tight they are turning blue.

  56. wow these are amazing! got my fingers crossed.

  57. Would love one for our Granddaughter .. Looks like fun:)

  58. What an amazing opportunity! Thank you so much for the fabulous information on this blog and for making this gift available to a lucky winner! 🙂

  59. What an amazing opportunity for open ended exploration. As a mom of 3, I know this would get great use at out home. Thanks for the chance

  60. I have been coveting a Spielgaben set for months!

  61. love love love these! hoping for a set for my 5 & 3 yr old boys!

  62. What a great product. Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  63. Love your site – such creative ideas and gorgeous pics! This set looks absolutely amazing.

  64. Wow! What an amazing gift to win!! Thank you for the chance!

  65. I’ve been longing for these for my kids ever since I first saw someone blog about them weeks ago, but can’t fit them into my budget. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win them!

  66. What a lovely prize to win! Hoping it’s me! I know three little kids who would love to play with them! Love your ideas and creative activities too!!

  67. Would love to win this for my home daycare business – the kids would love it!

  68. This looks like an incredible toy! I would love to see what my daughter and her friends could come up with while playing with it. I’d love to play with it, too!

  69. What a great product. Thanks for the opportunity!

  70. I have 2 little girls who would love to add this awesome collection to their toys 🙂 I hope we win!! 😀

  71. Wow, this would be amazing as a homeschool resource for my kids – and FUN!

  72. This would make an awesome addition to our homeschool! Would love to see what my girl’s imaginations would do with such wonderful tools!

  73. I have never seen anything like this before. My daughter has sensory dysfunction and pretty much any toy we get for her needs to be modular or multipurpose. Like right now she has a modular doll house (courtesy of Granna) that she is stacking up on it’s side like blocks.

    She also has dyspraxia, which affects movement, coordination, judgment, processing, and memory. This is what brought me here. I wanted ways that I could help her motor plan and find alternate ways for organizing information without creating a ton of work for myself.

    Of course it would help me to win a set, but I will find a way to buy these, even it’s a tray at a time. I’m so happy to sea that quality, well made “toys” are still out there and being made. In an age of buttons it’s nice to go back to the imagination.

  74. Fingers crossed and wishing the reality of this set being part of my resources as a child educator!
    Brilliant, inspirational toy and am eager to try it with my autistic children.
    Good luck everyone

  75. Wow! How exciting. Santa! Maybe? Thanks for the chance!

  76. My pre-schoolers would gain so much from this wonderful open ended kit. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  77. This would be great for my two sons. My eldest is 2 and would love exploring with the different colours and shapes.

  78. Winning this would be completely awesome! Been in love with this since I first saw it!!! Love.

  79. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  80. Wow, these look amazing. Fingers crossed, both my girls and my childminded children will love this x

  81. This set looks amazing. Thanks for your newsletter.

  82. A Speilgaben set for my boy
    would be better than any toy!
    He could learn and be ecstatic
    Without the intervention of plastic!

  83. This would be great to inspire my whole family. There’s always a need for more imagination!

  84. I love love these! I would love to win the set and see my children’s faces opening them up on Christmas morning. Thank you for the opportunity

  85. I just signed up to the newsletter! Looking forward to more wonderful ideas to use at the Library with children who have special needs.

  86. Got to be in it to win it.. fingers crossed, horseshoe hanging and fourleaf clover in hand!

  87. Real nifty table setting you have there. The toys look as appetizing as candy in a candy store. Great giveaway!

  88. Loving all the wonderful ideas on your website. My little ones would love this!

  89. Wow – what a lovely addition this would be to our ‘home therapy’ room! Thank you so much for introducing us to such a wonderful concept!

  90. My girls would love this set (and I would too)!

  91. Amazing product and a very generous giveaway. Fingers crossed 😉

  92. I think your website is fabulous! Different and creative. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! This set is unbelievable. I can see endless ways to use it and am so excited that such a product exists, this would truly be an amazing “toy” to have. This is for sure one that would never get thrown away, the amount of joy is limitless. Not only would my 3 boys get hours and hours of play from this set, so would many of my friends children, who knows maybe this will inspire me to start a formal play group!

  93. Apparently I entered in the wrong spot so here goes for a second time around. I have three kids that would love this and a fourth that will soon be joining the rush for toys. These are a great system and present tons of wonderful learning opportunities, here’s hoping.

  94. These look incredible! I work for a Reggio inspired nursery school and day care and I think these would be perfect! Thank you for making this give away possible.

  95. Thanks for the chance to win – whoever does will surely enjoy! I’ve worked with elements of this set and would love to own!

  96. Thank you for the redirection Rachelle! Keeping my fingers crossed….and looking forward to hearing who the lucky one/kids will be to benefit from it!

  97. From the first time I saw this wonderful learning resource I have been talking about it and wanting it! Hope I win so I can use it with the children in my care now and future kids, too!

  98. As a mommy who doesn’t always know what to do (any given day) this would definitely help me inspire my little one to create, play, invent, make, build, think and learn in ways that I wouldn’t be able to dream up on my own. And could it be any more timeless? I see this set lasting for generations worth of play and learning. If winning a Spielglaben set isn’t in my cards I may have to try and build something like this on my own using found things around the house. I am sure she would enjoy the real thing better, though! Thanks for the introduction to such a cool, awesome, thought-provoking learning tool.

  99. What an incredible, beautifully crafted set of gifts. And gifts they certainly are. Our daughters would have such a blast with this, as would my husband and myself! 🙂

  100. I am always inspired by your posts and excited about what to try with my childrens and friends. Thank you for sharing your ideas and experience! Wish this gift will reach us! Fingers crossed 🙂

  101. Wow what an amazing book. The boys would only come inside if hungry if they had one of these! I wish I had had one when I was younger. Great site. Thanks

  102. This looks like a grand set. Would donate it to the Kooskia Community Library. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  103. Maybe I commented in the wrong page for the drawing? New subscriber, so I got a little confused!!

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