Spooky Marble Spider Webs

If you want a fun art project that kids will love, rolling marbles in paint is just the thing for you!

We spent Saturday afternoon carving pumpkins at a local art studio and almost missed the craft table on our way out the door.

And it would have been a BIG miss, because it was such a captivating activity that my daughter wanted to recreate it at home immediately and has asked for marbles and paint multiple times over the past two days.

I noticed big kids messing around with this too, so if you have older kids this may be worth a try. We did a similar project a few months ago, but this here marble painting project was a much bigger hit.

marble painting

Supplies for marble rolling spider webs

  • white tempera paint
  • a few marbles
  • a pie tin
  • a piece of black construction paper cut to fit the tin.

marble painting

This time with thick paint.

marble painting

It’s a “spider web!” Kind of a stretch to call it a spider web, but if you’re in the Halloween spirit, why not?

After a shopping trip for pie tins and marbles, we got home and set up shop.

Spooky Marble Spider Webs

And rolled our little hearts out. Each piece took mere seconds to create, and I found myself cutting paper like mad.

Spooky Marble Spider WebsOnce the novelty wears off, interest usually fades, but not just yet for this gem of an activity. To keep the interest high, we traded black paper for white and messed around with purple paint.

One of these days we’ll get some friends together and make a super-sized marble painting like this!

Have you been painting with marbles too? What do your kids think of this activity?

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Loved this one! Having watched it, “in person,” I also loved the sounds this made. I think this might span all ages!

    • I’m glad you got to “be there” for it too 🙂 And the sound IS great!

  2. if you get a box from the grocery store that is on the large size of things, cut it down a bit so it is shallow, then put bigger paper in it and have a friend hold the other side

    marble painting together 🙂

    • of course…what a simple (and free!!) way to pull this off. i’m storing this idea away for when we do this on a large scale. love it!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! WONDERFUL! CREATIVE! and just a SIMPLY ELEGANT BLOG! I am inspired! My 4 year old daughter has that same green and white striped dress—-I keep seeing this dress in creative blogs—-I guess we all have good taste! Thank you for all your hard work presenting these wonderful ideas—I will be back!

    • Thanks so much, Melissa 🙂 You made my day! I, too, have seen this dress all over town. And it always makes me smile when I do. Look forward to seeing you around here again soon!

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