Summer Camp for Little Innovators: Camp Galileo

Are you thinking about summer camp yet? If you’re super-organized, you may already have a plan in place. And if not, there’s still time! We’re not planning on summer camp this year, but if I was this is where I’d begin…

When I was out for dinner the other night I spotted this awesome poster for Camp Galileo.

Camp Galileo

I don’t know about you, but this is not the summer camp of my childhood!

Power Tools. Innovating. What??

Here’s a snapshot of my summer camp memories: Peeling glue off of my hands all afternoon while drinking gallons of fruit punch that came from a jug of pink powder mixed with water. Hmmm.

Okay, so let me start by saying that Camp Galileo is a San Francisco Bay Area camp. If you’re local, this post is for you. And, there’s a whopping discount code at the end of this post.

If you’re not local, you might still be interested because I bet there’s something similar in your neck of the woods.

camp galileo

In Camp Galileo’s words, this is what children get out of their camps:

They learn how to fail. Not in a humiliating or dispiriting way. But in a self-assured way, that helps turn them into hardy, risk-taking creators and problem-solvers.

I love that!


A camp with a focus on innovation, collaboration, and imagination

Here’s how Camp Galileo describes their programs…

Galileo’s mission is to create a world of fearless innovators. We think kids who learn to explore and fail without fear—the essence of innovation—are happier, more creative and more confident when faced with life’s challenges. Drawing from the innovation process developed by the Stanford d.school, Galileo runs an evolving series of imagination-sparking programs for kids from pre-K through 8th grade.

In pre-K, campers may build a crude xylophone or design a lion mask. By 8th grade, they may program their own video game, design their own fashion line, or breathe life into some creation entirely of their own invention.

The Details

  • Location: Camp Galileo has locations all over the Bay Area
  • Ages: The program is for children in grades pre-K-8. 
  • Promo Code (yes, you can save money on this rad camp!): From now until May 31st, Galileo is offering $25 off your camp registration fee with the code, 2013INNOVATE.
  • Register for Galileo today. And then rest easy knowing that you can check this task off your to-do list.

A question for you…

What’s the most surprising this you remember about summer camp? And are you registering your child for a camp this summer?

I only share content that I love and/or think you’ll find useful. Thanks to Galileo for sponsoring today’s discussion.


  1. I too dispised summer camp as a kid. Aweful! I told my mom never to do that again.
    I am often jealous of my children’s life. The knowledge, the opportunity, the support my kids are getting is incredible.

    • I know, Danielle! I do have a few fond summer camp memories, but mostly it seemed like day care at the park. Maybe it’s still that way, I don’t know. We’ll probably find out next year, but it does seem like our kids have some amazing opportunities to really learn and have fun at camp.

  2. I actually went to sleep away camp and have some good memories. My kids also went to sleep away camp but not all of them have good memories of it. They have the best memories of the 2 summers we did our own camp at home.

    • Faigie, I’m so glad that you mentioned home camp. That’s a great option, and something that we’re planning this summer. And then sleep away camp is a whole other project! I guess it all depends on the child and the camp. I went to a sleep away camp for the arts, and it was awesome. I totally forgot about that until now. Thanks for that.

  3. Wow, they’ve changed Camp G quite a bit since when I taught science there 8 years ago. It was one of my favorite summers; it made me want to get into teaching science more than being an engineer. I was amazed at what the 3rd-5th graders actually were able to learn and make with glue/paper/recyclables. Now they have power tools?? The possibilities are endless.

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