Fun Origami Kit for Kids

Do you have a child who enjoys origami? Not too long ago we made these fun and easy origami rabbits. If you haven’t tried it yet, this origami project is a fantastic starting point for beginners — my four-year old loved it!

Easy Origami Rabbit for Beginners | TinkerLab.com

When my friends at Tuttle Publishing, the premier publisher and seller of books rooted in Asian culture, language, and history, asked if we’d like to try out a few of their favorite products for young learners (and an origami kit was included), of course we said “yes!”.

Origami Kit from Tuttle | TinkerLab.com

We have thoroughly enjoyed everything they sent, and what rises to the top is this reasonably priced origami box kit, My First Origami Kit (affiliate). It comes with patterned paper, one of the best origami instruction books I’ve seen yet, and a selection of stickers for adding eyes, paws, and other details to the origami.

The stickers are what makes this kit really shine, and my kids loved this extra.

Origami Kit from Tuttle | TinkerLab.com

My four-year old dug in right away. While both of my kids (ages 4 and 6) needed extra help with some of the steps, they loved picking out the animals and objects to build (with my help) and especially enjoyed adding stickers to their creatures.

My First Origami Kit | TinkerLab.com

Over the course of a month, we have made just about everything in this kit! Penguins, bears, birds, boats, and more.

I also really like how the high quality origami paper corresponds with the projects. There’s brown fur-patterned paper to go with the bear, black and white paper to go with the penguin, and so on.

The kit comes with instructions for 20 projects and 60 pieces of paper, so you could essentially make three of each project, which makes this a good value for a family with more than one child. 

Origami Kit from Tuttle | TinkerLab.com

Origami Kit from Tuttle | TinkerLab.com

Easy Origami Tutorials

If you’re eager to dive in and try your hand at origami right away, these five tutorials are a good place to begin…

Easy Origami Rabbit, TinkerLab

Easy Origami Cat, EasyOrigami.me

Easy Origami Frog, Origami for Kids

Simple Origami Boat, Paper Shapes

Origami Cubes, Origami Mommy

Tuttle Publishing Offer!

Tuttle Publishing | TinkerLab

Tuttle has offered our readers a generous discount for all of their titles, as well as BIG giveaway, and it will all be announced in tomorrow’s newsletter!

The giveaway will be announced to our newsletter subscribers. To get this and other great offers, be sure to sign up for the newsletter today!

Tuttle Giveaway

The giveaway will include:

Origami Bugs Kit

One Minute Paper Airplanes

Origami Magic Kit

My First Origami Kit

Origami Dinosaurs Kit


  1. There is hope for me learning along with my grandchildren–origami success has been on my bucket list! THANK YOU!

    • I’m so happy to hear that this is helpful, Jeri! Good luck, Rachelle

  2. Ohh…this looks SO fun! I always loved origami growing up–so I would be thrilled to share these with my kids! I love the textured/designed paper. I think that would make things much easier for little learners (and me–ha!). Plus, you can’t beat the stickers!!

    • I also loved origami as a child. The paper is so unique, and you’re right…you can’t beat the stickers!

  3. My nine year old loves Origami!!

  4. I love origami. It is a mix of being creative but following directions preciously.

  5. My nine year old LOVES origami! She I think she (and I ) would love love love this!!!!

  6. I love doing paper origami, my daycare kids will love it. Hope I win. Thanks keep up the great work love your blog.

  7. My boys, aged 5 and 7, would love to make them – notably the dinosaurs and airplanes. The fun stickers and papers will keep them engaged.
    I would love that they are following directions, sequencing, practicing the hand-eye coordination, fine-tuning their spatial skills, hopefully staying quiet in one place….
    Win-win for us all!

  8. I only ever succeeded in making boats/hats, the “cootie catchers” from elementary school and the intricately folded notes from junior high. I am inspired by (Between the Folds is a mesmerizing film – highly recommended), and love, paper crafts and it would be great to re-introduce myself to paper folding while introducing it to my almost 4-year-old.

  9. I am a teacher librarian in a primary school. We are starting a maker space this year in our learning commons and origami is one of the kids favorites! I am learning along with them!

  10. my son is in second grade and brings home the same origami book from the library quite often and I was going to get him book of his own for Christmas. Thank you for all the ideas on origami and patterns. Thank you for chance to win such a great giveaway!

  11. I teach K-3 art, my students love origami. It’s a great fine motor activity as the students must use these muscles in order to complete the folds. I also work with a small group of students to help them strengthen their muscles so as to help with their fine motor skills in my room as well as in their classroom. They would love the opportunity to learn some new activities, the books would be an awesome addition to my small group and the rest of my K-3 students.

  12. My 11 yo adores origami and can get absorbed in it for hours. I love watching her concentration & joy! She is introducing our 3 yo to origami & these kits with the stickers are perfect for that!! Although he can’t do most of the folding on his own, it’s an excellent activity they share and he could master the stickers!! Love these kits!!!

  13. paper is treasured in our home and studio. it makes every minute a wonderful minute.
    art.reading.airplanes.mobiles.decorations.letters.cutting.gluing.sewing.i’ll stop.

  14. I work with homeschool children and families. We’ve been engaging in Maker Workshops each month. I would love to use the supplies for an origami workshop. It’s great to have a variety of topics and mediums for these workshops in order to meet a range of interests.

  15. My daughter and I love origami and the beginners book would be perfect for introducing orgami to my youngest son.

  16. I would love to show my children what beautiful things can be made out of paper. We have done some simple projects but these are so amazing!!!

  17. My daughters are turning four in December. We have not tried origami yet – but they love decorative paper and art. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to engage in a new art activity while having the added benefit of practicing motor skills. We would love to win:).

  18. Years ago, my young, (at the time) single parented family had adopted “grandparent” neighbours. “Jack” spent hours with my elder sons teaching them origami…he tried to teach me too, but time was pressing then. Today I have spare time and grandchildren and need inspired guidance like this to be able to make memories with my grandchildren…to “pass it on”.

  19. I really like the look of these books. I recently was shopping at a local bookstore and admired them so much.
    I would be just thrilled to win 1 or more of these amazing books. 🙂

  20. I’ve recently (as in, this week) decided to start to do origami with my son. He has significant anxiety, among other things, and I read that origami is a great meditative activity for people who need a more active form of relaxation. I was planning on starting this weekend with whatever paper I have and your tutorials but this giveaway looks even better! Even if I don’t win, I’ll definitely be going ahead with my first plan because I think he’ll really enjoy it. Even white printer paper looks cool when folded and decorated!

    Thanks for all the great information on your blog!

  21. This is a really great offer and I’d love to expose my grandchildren to origami. We have done some simple paper folding like newspaper hats and airplanes (mostly crash and burn type ). So this kit will be an unexpected Christmas surprise.

  22. My 9-year old loves origami, so this would be fantastic to win!

  23. My daughter loves Origami. She even taught some origami to the other girls in our Girl Scout troop during our art badge work. I like Origami, especially for kids, because it uses both sides of the brain – following step by step instructions to get something new out of a plain piece of paper. Even someone who isn’t creative (like me) can make something really cool using this art form!

  24. I have yet to do this with my kids. I think at their ages now they would live it. Having stickers to add is definitely a plus!

  25. I would love to win this set for my four and a half year old daughter. She is very creative and loves to sit down and focus on activities that feed her curiosity and desire to try new things! I think it would be a fun together activity, and maybe even an independent one if she gets good enough. I would have thought it too advanced of an activity for her if it weren’t for you TinkerLab, thanks for the idea!


  26. I am loving my life as a mother & wife. And with four little ones at my side I am always looking for a new way to teach, inspire or create with them. This Origami is amazing & I would delight in learning alongside them. It always leaves a lasting impression when we figure things out together!

  27. I would love to try this with my two little’s…between Aud’s arthritis and low tone and Martus’s autism it would be an awesum gift for them to do together! I can even integrate it into their sensory play ;).

  28. My mother introduced me to origami when I was a young child and I have enjoyed passing this love down to my three children. I adore the fun way you’ve combined simple folding techniques with fun stickers! We actually love to do origami in the car during road trips and I see these books being a fantastic add to our collection!

  29. I loved doing origami as a kid, I’d love to share it with my kids!

  30. My 10 year old loves origami but my 6 year old thinks its too hard. Would love to prove she can do it too!

  31. I have never been able to do Origami. Being able to learn this art with my grandson would be awesome.

  32. I am always looking for new ways to engage with my daughter as well as the students in my after-school program. Last year I attended a Sushi and Origami night at my daughter’s school. They had several stations for my daughter to choose from and at the end everyone was able to participate in a sushi roll class (my daughter loved!!) My daughter was a little frustrated at the origami station as she was a beginner and other students either had previous experience or got the hang of it pretty quickly. This kit will help me explore the world of origami with my daughter and give her confidence for the next Sushi and Origami night!!

  33. Enjoy reading the comments from other side of the globe – good luck to the participants from the U.S.!

  34. We are a family constantly on the go and I am always on the look out for fun and portable activities to pack in our “go” bag. Origami is perfect entertainment at a restaurant or doctor’s office. Quiet, engaging and beautiful! Perfect!

  35. The paper is beautiful. I would also love to know how to make more kinds of paper airplanes .

  36. These are so cool! I’d love to learn them along with my little girls!

  37. My 7 year old son just recently discovered Origami. He loves it!

  38. glad to know about this! we got into origami because the kiddo likes frogs and we made some jumping frogs, then got a book about it when doing geography and learning about Asia. plus we have family in Japan. so it’s just neat all around.

  39. Our summer is spent with paper boats… it is about time we expand our paper folding!

  40. Your amazing I love your creativity

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