this creative weekHey friends! How was your week? A few updates from me for the week:

  • I’m guest pinning for The Organized Parent all month long. Check out my pins and the useful organizing products they offer over here.
  • We’re giving away THREE Kiwi Crates, and the deadline to enter is Sunday, November 18 at 11:59 EST. Don’t delay!

In case you’re looking for some quick weekend inspiration, here’s a little collection of awesomeness from my friends and colleagues around the web.

Happy Weekend!

Daily Paper Promptsfrom Daisy Yellow

Cardboard Tinkering Toy Series: Egg Carton Gondola, from The Cardboard Collective

The Myth of Perfect Parenting, Not Just Cute

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude at home, from Let’s Explore via Simple Kids

Top Toy List for Babies and Toddlers!, from The Imagination Tree

This Creative Week: Not-to-be-missed creative inspiration, Nov 17, 2012

Painting with Toddlers: It’s only mess in our eyes, from An Everyday Story

  • From the article: “…to Sarah, this is anything but mess. This is very serious work she is doing; she’s playing, she’s exploring, she’s creating. She is a child, and this is what children should do.

We should be gathering steam for arts education, The Oregonion.

  • From the article: “Ensuring that students can become creative thinkers involves an element that’s often overlooked: arts and design. Experience with the arts increases our ability to think outside the box and helps develop the part of the brain that creates innovative ideas and strategies.”

Inspiration for Teachers: Thank a Student, from Edutopia

  • From the article: “Saying thank you to a student is great modeling. If you start thanking kids for their effort, they’ll start to thank you and thank others for the work they do each and every day. If we want our kids to appreciate the hard work we put into each lesson, what better way is there than starting to appreciate and thank them for the hard work they put into each lesson?”

Ten Easy Gifts for Kids to Make, from Picklebums

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  1. Rachelle…hey there thanks for stopping by the TCMT. I love this list…thanks for your work researching all these great articles and resources. I love each one in a different way…pinned some. I especially enjoyed looking at The Cardboard Collective Blog….what a great page for cardboard ideas.

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