Valentine Activity for Preschoolers | Heart Hopscotch

Valentines Day Activity for Preschoolers | Heart Hopscotch | TinkerLab.com

My littlest one is four years old, and we hang out A LOT! The sidekick and I do a lot of crafts, cooking, and activities to fill our days, and this project came out of a sudden burst of gorgeous weather, mixed with thoughts about Valentine’s Day.

After one too many chilly days, it was so nice to jump around outside. Check out those flip flops! It truly wasn’t warm enough for the clothes she has on, but the girl has no fear of coldness. If you happen to live somewhere with just an ounce of snowless weather this winter, heart hopscotch may be just the Valentine’s Day activity for you.

Why this Valentines Day Activity for preschoolers?: It’s beyond simple to set up and it encourages little ones to burn some energy.

Valentines Day Activity for Preschoolers | Heart Hopscotch | TinkerLab.com

Grab some chalk. We keep ours in a Bonne Maman jam jar (affiliate). Not only is the jam delicious, but these charming, wide mouth jars are spectacular for storing craft supplies.

Valentines Day Activity | Heart Hopscotch | TinkerLab.com

Draw your hopscotch.

Valentines Activities | Heart Hopscotch | TinkerLab.com

Jump away!

Easy peasy, right?


  1. Valentine’s day is February 14. That’s about 30 degrees and 2 inches of snow too early for sidewalk chalk. Brrrrr. Maybe for Mother’s day? Cute idea, though. My kids would enjoy it.

    • It’s not for everyone, Kristen! We live in California, where most of our winter is dry (and snow-free). Thanks for your comment.

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