If you haven’t already seen the newest addition to our site and you like a good challenge, check out the Experiments section. There are currently three posted experiments, which are assignment-like challenges that you can do with your kids. If you tinker with one of these, you have the option of adding a link back to your blog or uploading a photo to share with this growing community. In one of the experiments, which invites you to do something with PASTA, TinkerLab reader Pinkie from the Czech Republic added scary spaghetti.

And we tried it last week.I loved it because it was easy, I could use materials I had on hand, my daughter was completely in charge (with a little help from me since she ran out of steam and I had to man the stove), and it was interesting to see how the little spaghetti sculptures transformed into a twisty pasta snack.

We started with a few hot dogs (veggie, turkey, beef…take your pick) and a bit of spaghetti. N cut the hot dogs into bite-sized pieces, broke the spaghetti in half, and then started poking away.

Scary Spaghetti

Scary Spaghetti

Scary Spaghetti

Once the bowl was full, we cooked them. A little bit of olive oil and parmesan cheese later, and these were ready to eat. Not exactly gourmet, but they get two thumbs up from the two and a half year old.

Scary Spaghetti

Happy March to you!

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  1. I really like this experiment! I am going to try it and taste and hopefully I will love too. My niece and son laughed when I red the instructions, they seem interested. Too bad I do not have hot dogs on hand at this momen or I will get to experimenting right away. I will post my picture later if I am able to make a cool variation.

    • It is pretty funny, which must be what attracted us to make them in the first place! Why not, right?

  2. What a fun cooking experiment. We tried it tonight and I must say Roberto was so excited to be cooking “spiders” with mommy. It was an easy activity to put together quickly with hardly any cleanup. Wish I had taken a picture but he ate it up so fast :). Keep em coming!!!

    • Grace! Thanks for sharing your spaghetti spider experience. I’m so glad that you and Roberto had fun with it. Special thanks again to Pinkie for sharing the “recipe”.

  3. Congratulations on the good news – I ‘m going to vote now. And thanks for my prize – I will get a needle that works and we’ll be able to get started. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks so much for your vote, Melissa! I’m glad to hear the box arrived. Enjoy!

  4. Rachelle, thanks for posting! I hope you and your daughter had fun. I am also thinking about using some vegetables for the healthier version of the “spiders”:)

    And I love your idea of the Experiments section – that you challenge your readers to create and share!

  5. Rachelle, thank you! We tried yesterday, but I have to admit that I had more fun than Antoine. He is a purist in term of meat and didn’ t want to stick spaghettis in them because he just wanted to eat the sausages. After seeing the final result, he ate super quickly, was all happy and wanted us to do again tomorrow. So we will try again for sure!

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