1. Watercolor paper
  2. Watercolor paint
  3. Paintbrushes
  4. Water + Container
  5. Rag (not show here) for drying brush
  6. Glue
  7. Collage papers

Step 1: Invite your child to paint

Invite your child to paint on the paper. Anything goes! 

If you’re making a series of Valentine cards for a class or group of friends, you can set up a series of paper and invite your child to paint them assembly-line-style. This is a fun way to go because the desire to experiment often kicks in, and lots of experiments emerge. 

Step 2: Collage

Collect collage materials. We used old book pages and sheet music. Other collage material ideas: wrapping paper, magazine, junk mail, newspaper.

When the paint is dry, arrange collage materials on the paintings to find compositions that you like. 

Glue the pieces in place with white glue and a sturdy brush. If the edges pop up, give them a little help with an extra layer of glue on top. 

Step 3: Draw and Write Messages

Hunt around for pens, washi tape, stickers, and anything else to personalize your cards with drawings and messages.  We used a permanent Sharpie marker and washi tape to add lines, hearts and words.