We Are Art {Art.com Has a New Look}

we are art {art.com has a new look}I’m excited to share that I have a brand new partnership with the popular art-shopping- hub-o-the-web, Art.com.

we are art

Art.com *just* launched a radically new website designed to offer easy access to the world’s largest selection of handpicked art images.  If you’ve ever been to the site before, definitely pay it another visit — it’s a whole new experience. Very cool, lovely eye candy, and easy to use.

we are art {art.com has a new look}

Isn’t this cute? You can find it, and other preschool-related happiness, in the preschool category on their site.

This new Art.com is filled with original content featuring art and design inspiration, curated collections by designers and tastemakers, social and sharing features and great new tools to help people find the art they love so they can love their space more.

we are art {art.com has a new look}

What kind of art do you like? We all have different tastes in art, and mine leans toward whimsy, irreverence, and abstraction. 

The old Art.com site was a great spot to find the traditional art (still is!), so I was delighted to find some quirky surprises like this knee-high wearing deer.  Isn’t he funny?

I started a public gallery on the site called Happy Go Lightly where you can see more of my whimsical curated picks, including those I’m featuring here .

we are art {art.com has a new look}

I was invited to choose one piece of art from the collection for my home, and the decision was so hard. Our house is tiny and most of our walls are already full of art, but there’s one spot in our dining area that is begging for something fresh. When I found a whole series of mixed media collage prints by San Francisco artist, Rex Ray, I knew I had to choose one for this spot.we are art {art.com has a new look}

I first fell in love with Ray’s work at Michael Martin Gallery in San Francisco and have since seen it all over town at The Slanted Door restaurant in the Ferry Building, Rosewood Hotel in Menlo Park, and Gallery 16. What attracts me to Ray’s work is his use of layered paint, textures, and color.

The room is currently swimming in blues and greens, and I think this will bring it all together.

All this talk about hanging art reminds me that I have a Pinterest board called “I Heart Art.” If your taste aligns at all with mine, you’ll probably dig some of my selections over there too. Art.com put this great video together that you’ll want to watch.

What kind of art do you love? Is there a spot in your home that’s begging for a piece of art? Where is it?

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