Are you a “Tape House?”

why we would be lost without tape

We love tape in our house, and it gets used for just about everything: taping up wax paper sandwich bags, taping labels to things, taping art table creations together, taping up marble runs, taping up whimsical installations. A roll of clear tape is a fixture on the art table and we have a big box full of colorful paper tape (this tape from Discount School Supply is amazing) that enables my children to realize some of their big ideas. And painter’s tape is irreplaceable for taping up furniture and things that can’t stand up to too much stickiness.

Here’s an example:

why we would be lost without tapeWe have a basket of diecast vehicles thats almost never taken out, but my one year old wanted to play with airplanes so we got the planes going. I saw this as an opportunity to “paint” some runways on our coffee table with blue painter’s tape.

My older daughter thought this was a great idea, but she had her own thoughts as well. I’m sure that many of you can relate!

First, she requested shorter pieces of tape and blocked my runways off with those vertical lines you see in the photo.

why we would be lost without tapeSo, I abandoned my runway idea and made some cute little parking spaces.

That was also shot down.

why we would be lost without tapeN then blocked my runway with a big “X” so that the plane wouldn’t get away. I didn’t take it personally.

why we would be lost without tapeAnd then I learned the real reason for all this independent thinking!

Apparently a category 5 hurricane was on its way, and the plane was in danger of getting blown away. For extra safety, it was securely taped to the back of a large truck whose windows were also taped shut.

You know, because windows can shatter in a hurricane.

why we would be lost without tapeAnd if that wasn’t enough, the truck + airplane combination was carted off, dropped into a basket, wrapped in a blanket, covered with a pillow, and then sat on…

so that they wouldn’t blow away.

And all this started with a little bit of tape.

Now isn’t that a great way to spend $3?!

why we would be lost without tapeI really want to pick up some washi tape like this. Have you used it? Do you have a favorite brand?

What about you? Would you be lost without tape, too?



  1. Love the imagination here. We are venturing more into tape lately, and I am going to get those colored tapes you recommend too!

    • Glad to help, Natalie. I hope you like them as much as we do.

  2. Love this post. It made me smile. I also have a three and one year old. My three year old is VERY specific and committed to the goings on of his imaginary friends, etc. It’s wonderful to take a back seat and enjoy the ride. I never know where we’ll end up but it’s usually somewhere delightful and often funny 🙂

    • Isn’t that the best? Thanks for chiming in. Gotta savor these moments before they fly right past us.

  3. We would also be lost without tape. Our tape use has been mainly wrapping presents which always end up with more tape than paper on them and hanging things on the window (which take forever to get off later). I need to look for some colored painters tape…thanks for the suggestion!

    • Our art table is covered in vinyl, and it absolutely hates the clear tape that’s stuck all over it. Oh well, it’s better than sharpie all over the table! Painter’s tape/paper tape is so much better. Small caveat — the multi-colored paper tape is more tacky than standard painter’s tape and needs to be removed sooner than painter’s tape would.

    • I love how simple that is, and to think it brings all that entertainment to your kids! 

  4. We LOVE Washi tapes – I bought them for our art journaling and the girls and I find them absolutely inspiring. 

    • So good to know! They look so pretty. Why have I never bought any before?

  5. We’re a total tape house!! But new to the tape road map, love that!

    • Hee hee. I bet you are, Marie. You could probably write a book about it 🙂

    • Hey Amy! I love the mustache banner on your blog — is that new? Duct tape is perfect for exactly what your ninjas came up with. Love it!

  6. Love tape!! A tape ball anyone?!!
    I also love washi tape but it’s a treat. i buy it for the kids on valentine’s or easter for their basket’s and then half way through the role i make it mine. But this year my daughter is too old to pull that so I’ll have to buy my own:)

    • Tape ball?! Do you make these as you’re peeling tape off your furniture and walls? I think I’ll pick some up for the Easter basket — totally beats sugary candy. Can I get away with that?

  7. We are sooo a tape house. My girls will not wait for glue to dry so they always use tape when they’re making a model or toy. The tape dispensers are great aren’t they – make it so easy for kids to use.

    • Tape dispensers are fab, Cathy! We can rarely wait for glue to dry either. 

  8. Hi Rachelle:) Haven’t talked to you in a while, hope you are well!! Just wanted to let you know that I posted about your Creative Paper Bag Challenge over on Craft Gossip… I love the idea, I’m going to do it too!!


    • Yay, Kristen! Thanks for sharing with your Craft Gossip friends. All is good here and I’m so glad you’ll join the challenge too!

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