I’m dividing my time between research and writing, making art, teaching online classes, and speaking and events.

Research and Writing

My work centers around themes of childhood art pedagogy and creativity.

Childhood Art Pedagogy.

Why is art learning important? What does a powerful learning experience in the arts look like? Learning in and about the arts through inquiry-based learning and play is a critical component of meaning making in school, with family, and in informal learning experiences. I’m curious about process-centered art experiences, constructivism, risk-taking, open-ended prompts that support curiosity, development of imagination, intrinsic motivation, sensory experiences, learning environments, and the related development of critical thinking skills and creative confidence.


How do people develop creative abilities?  How can we nurture children as they develop their creative muscle? How can we support adults who feel disconnected from their creativity. To what extent can teacher education in creativity foster a richer learning experience in schools? I’m curious about inquiry-discovery, problem solving, flexible thinking, divergent thinking, tolerance for ambiguity, tenacity, curiosity, transformative learning experiences.