Creative Picks – No.2

creative picks - no.2

Sugary cereal rarely makes an appearance in our home, but this paper cereal animation is a catchy metaphor for filling up on artsy inspiration today. 🍭Mmmm.

creative picks - no.2

Source: Giorgia Grassini

I’ll start us off with a couple new projects from the TinkerLab blog…

How to make a God's Eye
  1. If you have paper plates and paint, try this super easy open-ended drawing and painting prompt at home or school: Painting and Drawing Paper Plate Craft (TinkerLab)
  2. One of our all-time favorite camp crafts was making God’s Eyes, or Ojos de Dios. If you have popsicle or chopsticks, yarn, and scissors, you can easily whip out one (or a few) of these in under 15 minutes. (TinkerLab)
  3. If you believe that movement and breathing breaks help students stay focused on learning, you’ll enjoy reading about some successful school-based mindfulness techniques here. (Mind/Shift, KQED)
  4. Would you like to invite your toddler to participate more in the kitchen? Sprout creates modern kid-friendly furniture and they have a gorgeous adjustable wood kitchen helper that encourages independence and connection. They’re offering our readers 10% off orders over $95. Use the code Rachelle10 at checkout. (affiliate, Sprout)
  5. Sometimes good design comes in the form of smart consumer packaging. Hats off to Trader Joes for their commitment to cutting one million pounds of single use plastics from their stores, in favor of compostable and renewable products. (Fast Company)
  6. Lego Fans, I know you follow me! This will knock your socks off. A full scale VW Retro Camper, made of 400,000 plastic toy bricks. Just wow. (Web Urbanist)
  7. These Easter Egg Stash-Buster Collages (just use whatever paper you have lying around) from are super simple and are easy to make for the littlest makers. (CraftWhack)
  8. Maker and STEAM folks: learn how to make colorful salty circuits. (Babble Dabble Do)
  9. Gorgeous chocolate play dough recipe here. You can practically smell it through the pictures! (Imagination Tree)
  10. Apparently listening to music can impair creativity. Who knew? (Digital Journal). On the other hand, listening to happy music facilitates divergent thinking (Plos One)

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