How to Make a God’s Eye Craft

how to make a god's eye craft

Make an easy God’s Eye Craft, also known as Ojo de Dios (oh-ho-day-DEE-ohs), with yarn, sticks, and scissors. The technique is simple, materials are basic, they’re fun to make, and kids learn an easy weaving technique along the way.

God’s eyes, originally come from the Huichol people of Central Northwest Mexico, were created as protective and spiritual symbols that helped them connect more deeply to the natural world. 


how to make a god's eye craft


Step 1: Connect your sticks

With a small bit of yarn, tie your two sticks together. Knot the yarn so it doesn’t come undone.

how to make a god's eye craft

Step 2: Wrap the yarn around the sticks

Firmly hold the end of your yarn against the center of the sticks.Wrap the yarn in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction (you decide – just be consistent) around one of the sticks.

Move on to the next stick and then wrap it again.

Keep moving around in a circle, wrapping the yarn around each stick as you go.

If you run out of yarn or want to change colors, simply knot a new piece of yarn to the existing piece and keep going.

Make a knot around the stick when you’re done.

Watch the video for a visual tutorial on how this all comes together.

Watch the Video: How to make a God’s Eye Craft

YouTube video
how to make a god's eye craft

When you’re done, you can hang the God’s Eye somewhere important as a symbol of good luck.

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how to make a god's eye craft

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how to make a god's eye craft


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