A Fairy Tale | a Book Illustrated by Rebecca Jordan-Glum

Today’s spotlight goes to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Rebecca Jordan-Glum and her gorgeous, debut illustrated children’s book, Mom’s Choice Award Gold Honoree, A Fairy Tale (affiliate).

rebecca jordan-glum and rachelle doorley

Rebecca and I met on the first day of second grade under the wise supervision of our teacher, Kateri Sullivan. Our friendship was off to a rocky start over a misunderstanding that was quickly resolved (sorry again, Rebecca), and we have been friends ever since! Phew.

Our teacher was a wonderful, creative woman who taught us how to make things like latch-hook rugs and encouraged us to paint along with Bob Ross. I would truly not know a lick about Bob Ross and his happy little trees if it wasn’t for our teacher. We even, gasp, illustrated our own books in her class.

And here we are, on this poetic occasion, to celebrate Rebecca’s ongoing journey as a maker and book illustrator.

a fairy tale book cover

My five year old says of the book: “I like the pictures. Good drawings!” And I have to agree. As you can see, the colors and richness of the painting is stunning and quite sophisticated.A Fairy Tale Book | Illustrated by Rebecca Jordan-Glum

I’m happy to be giving away one copy of the book via Instagram. You can see the post here or follow me on Instagram at TinkerLab.

To enter the contest, simply leave a comment on the Instagram post and tag a friend who enjoys kids literature, and a winner will be chosen at random on Sunday, 2/21 at 5 pm PT. U.S. entries only, please.

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    • Substitute preschool aide who would love to share this beautiful book with all the children and teachers who love stories like this just like I do!

  1. Even the cover looks magical! Thank you for this! xx

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  3. I would love to read this book to the imaginative minds of my artroom!

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  10. This book is beautifully illustrated. ❤️ Rebecca is so talented! Congratulations on the award!

  11. oh, this looks wonderful! (and i’m glad the 2nd-grade misunderstanding was resolved, ha! your teacher sounds great, too.)

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  19. With a fairy’s wink and the wave a wispy wand, let the magic begin. How charming!

  20. Congratulations to your childhood friend! It looks like a beautiful book. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Even the cover is beautiful I’m sure the inside is fantastic
    You have a generous heart to make this giveaway, love to all!

  22. Looks like a beautiful book! My daughter loves fairy tales!

  23. This looks like a wonderful book to share with my preschool class. Stories are such an important part of what I do with children. I’m always on the lookout for new, wonderful books!

  24. Thank you for sharing your friend’s new book. As strong believers, we cannot wait to pick up this new treasure! Looking forward to sharing this with friends and fellow classmates.

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  29. It look like a beautiful and magical book!

  30. I love getting the Tinkerlab newsletters! !! Lots of fun stuff to do with my twins!

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  41. I love the newsletter so far, I’m glad I came across your site.

  42. I love the newsletter so far, glad I can across your site.

  43. This book will be a greet addition to our ongoing project in Nivin, Peru with school children there. This long-term project will start an ESL component this summer. For some project background, take a look here: http://wp.me/pJf2X-1fN

    As an aside, I find that Maker type projects are ideal for our work in Peru as materials are inexpensive, often on-hand, and translate well into local Quechua and Spanish languages.

  44. I love the newsletter so far!

  45. This is such a beautiful book. Her illustrations are so magical. Can’t wait to add this book to our collection!

  46. Rebecca – thank you for writing a fairy tale! They have been my favorite genre since I was a child. I always recommend them to my students and they always come back looking for more!

  47. Kids and I would love to add this to our library!

  48. What beautiful illustrations!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  49. As an educator, I love hearing the story of how your teacher(s) inspired you. What a fabulously magical book. I look forward to reading it.

  50. The coariollelour of the book is so facinated so the story will be amazing thxs

  51. I love the newsletter, frequently using ideas in my school’s maker space. I’d love to win the book for the school library!

  52. We would be over the moon with excitement to add this beautiful book to our library for our friends to enjoy!

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  62. What a lovely thing for you to do!! The book looks beautiful!! Congratulations on maintaining such a wonderful friendship ?

  63. Looks like a lovely book! The colors are so vibrant. I would love to win a copy for my granddaughter.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  64. What a lovely thing to do!! The book looks beautiful! Congratulations on maintaining such a wonderful friendship ?

  65. I can only imagine the magical enchantment for those lucky enough to read this wonderful story and the new imagined stories spun from the whimsical drawings. Oh, the places they will go.

  66. Looks like such a beautiful book! And sounds like a wonderful 2nd grade teacher!

  67. Would love to read this to my kids

  68. Thank you, it’s lovely!

    The cover ilustration makes me want to immediately open the book…

  69. I am very excited about this new children’s book! Thank you for sharing the information.

  70. Lovely! This looks like such a wonderful book 🙂

  71. Sounds like you guys had an amazing teacher who brought you together! Thanks for sharing and we’d love a copy of this book!

  72. This would be a beautiful addition to my classroom library! Thanks for letting us know about this new book. I like to keep up to date on new releases.

  73. Thank you for sharing information about such a lovely book. It is so exciting!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

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  75. My two kids would probably adore this book… Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

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  77. Enchanting! This beautiful book would be great for my 2nd – 6th grade gifted classes in central Mississippi. We are engrossed in a Fairy Tale STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Unit, and this book would be wonderful inspiration for the ART component of our Unit!

  78. Looks like a beautiful story! We’d love to see and hear what it’s all about.
    Cheers, Lauren

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  91. As a kindergarten teacher, I would love to win a copy of this new book to share with my little kinder-bears for this year and many years to follow. As a believer of mystical little helpers, I think my little ones would find so many adventures in this book that could lead to future authors and dreamers in my classroom. Thank you for the chance.

  92. This looks so beautiful. I have two littles that love books and fairy tales!

  93. It looks like a beautiful book! 🙂

  94. The illustrations look amazing! Would love to see the whole book in person. And how cool to have a lifelong friend and be able to see each other’s creative trajectories!

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  105. Thank-you Rachelle for introducing us to another great author/illustrator. Agreed, the illustrations are beautiful – I hope the story is just as enticing.

  106. This would be a beautiful addition to our East Oakland school library. Thank you so much for the give-away! Bob Ross is one of my favorites–glad he’s still around and inspiring artists.

  107. Beautiful! My kids would love this!

  108. Jackson School of the Arts puts on an Annual Fairy Festival for hundreds of children so this beautiful book caught my eye. It looks magical. Well done.

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  114. Oh, how lovely! Yes, please! <3

  115. Book looks great….and my family is definitely addicted to good children’s books!

  116. Thank you EVERYONE for the touching and kind comments. It truly warms my heart and I will carry them with me as I complete the manuscript that I’m working on. Never underestimate the power of an encouraging word!! It means more to be than I can express.

  117. Beautiful book! Pictures would be nice as posters too 😉
    Love your blog as well.

  118. Wow, the illustrations look amazing! Can’t wait to check it out!

  119. Ever since I was a wee girl, I have loved books, picture books in particular. Rich with color and images to soar the imagination!!! What a lovely book!!! Congratulations on getting it published, and how fun it must have been to do the writing, and the illustrations!!! What a beautiful collaboration. I would be most honored if you chose me. Meanwhile, here is wishing much in the way of peace to you and yours.

  120. I think all children are born with a sense of the magical and adventure. I love that this book embraces that over modern humor and wit, which I can also appreciate but I find is often lost on my pre-adult, naive toddlers. Thanks for writing an enchanting book for kids!

  121. Looks like one of those books my kids will ask every night. 🙂

  122. Cool 😉 I love reading picture books 🙂 I’m still a kid 😉

  123. Would love this book. Here’s to long-lasting friendships!

  124. I think that it is a wonderful accomplishment for your childhood friend. I look forward to reading her book. I love everything fairy/fae!

  125. Looks wonderful! I’d love to read it to my grandchildren.

  126. We love books and love give-aways! Such wonderful generosity! 🙂

  127. Would love to win this for our school library – Mesilla Valley Christian Schools. Doing some stuff with Fairy Tales this month in honor of the Grimm brothers and this looks like it would fit in. Thanks for doing this!

  128. Looks amazing – congratulations!

  129. We would love this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  130. What a lovely book! I can’t wait to read the story that accompanies these beautiful illustrations. My 5yo has recently discovered the magical world of fairies, and we often plan a fairy party before bedtime where we can later “meet in our dreams”. This book will certainly give us more ideas for future parties!

  131. It looks very mysterious! I’d love to see the rest of it.

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  141. I’m so glad to have discovered the Tinkerlab blog! Great art/maker ideas for my first grade class, and links to other wonderful blogs as well. What a joy to share a lifelong friendship, and celebrate creative success! I’ll be recommending this new book to my school librarian–we’ve already added titles we learned about from this site.

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration –and encouraging –all of us!!

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  148. Hello!!
    What a beautiful book…my kids would love it!

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  166. The cover looks very intriguing with the peek-a-boo face. Makes me want to read and see who the face belongs to.

  167. I hope I win!! It is gorgeous!

  168. I would love this book for my classroom! Then the parents would want to buy it also!

  169. This book would be fun to read to my grandson who loves lap sitting and listening to books.

    🙂 Linda

  170. Looks enchanting and congrats to your friend on her book.

  171. What a lovely book–thank you for sharing!

  172. I’m always looking for great new books to share with my grandchildren! What a nice idea to give one away!

  173. Congratulations, Rebecca, in the publishing of your illustrations in the book ! It looks beautiful and magical. I would love to win this prize, which I would be very happy to donate to our local library. Lots of children could get to enjoy it then.

  174. After the deadline but still commenting. Congratulations Rebecca on your first book and its award.

  175. My daughters and I love reading good books together, and everyone enjoys a good fairytale! Please congratulate your friend on her achievement!

  176. This would be perfect for our class since we are doing a year long theme study of fairy tales for my 3s class!

  177. Love that you have shared your creative spirit with our family- thank you so much! Excited to check out this book- beautiful!

  178. I have enjoyed the books you have reviewed in the past. I look forward to sharing this one also with my grand-sons!! I love when imagination is sparked by words. Thank you. Sandy

  179. The book is beautiful! My daughter will love it!

  180. I really have no idea how to even begin picking out books for my new baby girl. I was so engrossed in dinosaurs and construction books for so long that I think this will round out our library a bit

  181. Such a beautiful book, will be perfect for my classroom library 😉

  182. Love the richness of the deep green on the cover and on the inside spread. The jewel tones give the illustrations a rich, magical aura. Hopefully, I’ll get to see the book soon!

  183. Would love to win! If i do not I will be buying for my granddaughter.

  184. Looks like a wonderful addition to my classroom library. Thanks for the opportunity,

  185. Lovely cover! Would like to read this with my kids.

  186. What a great book – my kids and I would love it!

  187. We usually love all things Fairy Tale! : )

  188. I have an 8 year old son who loves all things magical. He aspires to catch a magic elf or fairy in our forest someday. We have so much fun getting lost in stories and imaginative play. We would love a copy of Rebecca’s new book.

  189. The book looks magical! Can’t wait to read it

  190. Thank You for the chance to win!

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  192. This looks absolutely beautiful! Both my daughter and son will love it…not to mention their mom who LOVES children’s books 🙂

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  194. The cover alone is so enticing. Can’t wait to read it to my kids.

  195. The book looks wonderful! !!

  196. I absolutely love to create books with children and I’m sure your teacher would be tickled to see how creative and inspiring you two are now. I am looking forward to seeing this book and will enjoy it all the more knowing the story behind the story. Thanks!

  197. What a wonderful story of childhood friendship. The story illustrations look beautiful, and imaginitve in the pictures. I would be lucky to win and share this book with my children and students.

  198. I would love a copy of this for my classroom.

  199. Looks fantastic! I would love the chance to share the story with my family and students

  200. Looks fantastic! I would love a copy to share with my family and students!

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  206. Good luck to your childhood friend as she follows her passion. Her illustrations are beautiful!

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  208. This looks like something that I could read, then find a secret place in my attic so that my Grandchildren could find it on a wet summersday, just like they do in all of the best fairy stories.

  209. Would be an honour to win this book, it looks like gorgeous!

  210. Your work and your friendship is so inspirational! What you both do for children and families is real magic 🙂
    Wishing you many happy little faces and lots of opportunities along the way!

  211. I’m glad we are going back to the tradition of telling children fairy tales. This was part of my childhood and I think the magic should be part of every child’s early life.

  212. Age doesn’t limit the enjoyment of reading about, or sharing stories written about fairies…may my wish come true!

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  218. Let’s get this out to PUBLIC LIBRARIES to highlight need for MAKER’S SPACE! We have 60 such projects underway in Massachusetts…

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  230. Looks lovely from the cover and your daughter’s review! …and how encouraging a friend you are!

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  234. My kiddo would LOVE this! <3 The just went through a period of building beautiful little fairy houses in our garden. She would love reading this, and I bet my newest little one would love looking at the pictures! This looks like a *beautiful* book! <3

  235. I am looking forward to reading this book to my girls<3

  236. Hooray for great teachers! Thanks for sharing your friendship story, and for offering a give-away copy!

  237. I’m raising a maker (and lover of fairies). She would love this book and I would love to share it with her as her mother and teacher. Either by winning or buying, this book needs to be in our home!

  238. The cover looks so magical and inviting…we can’t wait to see what’s inside! Everyone loves a good Fairy Tale so we would love a signed copy to add to our library.

  239. What a wonderful cover!

  240. I love you and I love this book. Oh, how I hope I win!!

  241. This looks AMAZING in every way. I would love to add it to the Book Nook in our Child Care Center!

  242. Fairy tales endure, as I am sure Fairy Tales will endure. A terrific storytime book for our Library’s outreach program to the children’s clinic at the local hospital.

  243. This would a beautiful addition to my family library!

  244. Love fairytales, this book looks like fun to read!

  245. I would love to have a copy of this to share with my students in our elementary library. I promise you I will incorporate a maker project with it!

  246. Would love to win this beautiful book for my grandchildren Raven & Ryder! One of my greatest joys in life is reading to them… Please pick us!

  247. What a beautiful book! We would love to add this to our collection 🙂

  248. Such a magical book! Illustrations are spectacular and would love to win both a copy of the book and a gorgeous print.
    Btw, just started getting your newsletter and I am really enjoying all of the treats that you share!

  249. This book looks amazing! I can see the kids reading it over and over again. The Artist in me wants to see whats in me and the kid in me wants to hear the story that goes with each end every picture.

  250. Congratulations! What a delightful book and gorgeous illustrations! My children and my students would would love it!

  251. You had me at fairy tale! I’d love to add this book to my collection.

  252. Looks like a wonderful book that would be sure to inspire my own little budding illustrator! Glad to get this chance from the newsletter, thank you, Rachelle!

  253. I love children’s books. I can not wait to see and read this one

  254. Oh, my daughter would just LOVE this (who am I kidding, I would love it)! And I will suggest our library buys a few copies ASAP!

  255. Yay!! Thank you for the giveaway! Looks like a great book!

  256. Wheeeeee! A most magical, loving, creative family just came into my life (via my pup Ollie) and I’d so delight in giving it to the three, young, book-crazy daughters w/ biggest the imaginations and warmest hearts. The perfect thanks!

  257. Lifelong friends. That is awesome!! My kids and I would love to check out this book!!

  258. I would love to add this copy to our school library where it would get lots of reading by 100’s of children!

  259. I read an excerpt from the book. It was quite grounding and expansive…as a nighttime read for my little ones. The colors are deep and encompassing. My children cannot get enough reading time it’s their meditative time, when times get hectic…they look to books.

  260. We (me and my children) LOVE tinkering and we LOVE books! Thanks for sharing this one with us. I promise if we win the book it will be cherished!

  261. The drawings look wonderful! Congratulations to Rebecca on her illustrating debut!

  262. Love the colors and the image. Looks to be a wonderful red! 8*)

  263. My nursery school class would love this!

  264. What a gorgeous book! We love fairies sooo much and would love to have this book!

  265. I’m intrigued by the eye peeping through the door, looks like a wonderfully illustrated tale, to captivate young readers and their mums!

  266. I am a fine arts teacher and soon to be grandmother of 7, would love to be able to share with both my students and my grandchildren!

  267. I’d love to receive a copy of this delightful-looking book! I’m a children’s librarian and a mom; I’m sure it would find a home in both my worlds…

  268. What a beautiful cover! I would love to have a signed copy of this book … We’re crazy in general about anything fairytale in the house currently!

  269. I have loved fairy tales, fables, and short stories from an early age. The cover of your book is intriguing and inviting . I am excited to have the possibility of reading an autographed copy and also sharing it with the children in my life; I am a teacher and an auntie. Also an aspiring author/illustrator. It is fabulous to see your successful collaboration. Best wishes.

  270. I love fairy tales and books about little girls on adventures, and so does my 5-year-old daughter. We’d love to add this book to our collection…and share our book review with our friends!

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  272. I would love to read this beautiful book to my grandchildren.

  273. Oooh! Looks beautiful. I would love to share with my 4yr old and elementary art students!

  274. What a wonderful story of your friendship and a beautiful book. Thank you for the opportunity!

  275. My 4 yr old would love this book! She has seen all the Tinkerbell movies & was a fairy-pirate for Halloween this year ( her idea ) 🙂

  276. Some of the most beautiful art can be found between the covers of a children’s book.

  277. WOW, Rebecca is an amazing artist. I love the colors she uses. I can totally relate to watching the beautiful trees come to life as Bob painted while growing up. Good luck with the book and I hope I win a copy.

  278. fairy tale for all age especially when well illustrated! I would love that book in our collection (and àI’m sure my daughter too!)

  279. It looks like a book my 4year old preschool class would love!

  280. I’m an elementary school librarian who would love to share this magical book with all my students!

  281. Can’t find this title in our local library catalog, so I’d love our own copy!

  282. One of my favorite topics–fairies! Would love to share this book with all of my students
    in grades 1- 4. Looks like it would be an imaginative and creative choice to use with my
    gifted students, as well.

  283. Hi Rachelle I would love to win a copy of A Fairy Tale to add to my library. I teach Kindergarten and children’s literature is my passion. The illustrations are so vibrant I know they will appeal to my beginning readers.

  284. My twin girls love books and especially fairies. They would love to add this book to their collection.

  285. My daughter and I love to read all kinds of books. We would love to add this book to our library.

  286. I would love to have a copy of this book! Thanks for the opportunity.

  287. Please pick us we love discovering new books!

  288. What a beautiful book! My students would love it!

  289. Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments. Rebecca is touched by the lovely things you have to say about her illustrations. Congratulations to Mary Kay, comment #31, selected by Random Number Generator. Please check your email!

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