Art for Kids | DIY Stamps

DIY Stamps and art supplies, oh, how I love you!

Making our own art supplies has done wonders for helping my kids develop their resourceful muscle. As a result of turning corks into stamps and chopsticks into painting tools, I’m constantly catching my girls rescuing cardboard from the recycling bin and saying things like, “let’s turn this into art!”

In that spirit, I pulled this list of DIY stamp ideas together as a resource for all of the busy teachers, enthusiastic recyclers, and crafty parents (or any combination of the above), I hope you’re find this list of upcycled materials helpful and inspiring.

DIY Stamps from Household Materials:

DIY Stamps with everyday materials such as cork, cardboard rolls, and buttons

Sunflower Cardboard Roll Stamp, Crafty Morning

Cardboard Roll Heart Stamp, TinkerLab

Cork Stamps, Happy Hooligans wraps corks into groups, dips them into paint, and then turns the designs into flowers by glueing a button in the middle.

Cosmetic Wedge Stamps, TinkerLab

More DIY Stamps from Household Supplies

DIY Stamps with everyday materials such as cork, cardbo

Potato Masher Stamp, No Time for Flash Cards

Button Stamps, What do we do All Day?

Cardboard Stamp, Housing a Forest

Dice Stamping, Housing a Forest stamps out math problems with dice.

DIY Stamps from Food

DIY Stamps with food such as apples and celery

Potato Stamps, TinkerLab

Apple Stamps, TinkerLab

Lettuce Stamps, Housing a Forest

Celery Stamps, TinkerLab

Stamp with Okra, Curly Birds

Bell Pepper Shamrocks, Crafty Morning

DIY Stamps with Foam Stickers

4 different DIY homemade stamps with foam

Foam Sticker Block Stamp, TinkerLab also draws on the stickers with special rubber stamp pens for a unique and individual stamp effect.

DIY Name Stamp, Mama Papa Bubba

Jar Lid Craft Foam Stamps, No Time for Flash Cards cut out their own unique shapes from large sheets of craft foam

Corks and Craft Foam Stamps, Happiness is Homemade

DIY Homemade stamps with foam