March TinkerSketch SketchBook Art Challenge

Sketchbook Challenge from TinkerLab.com

After an awesome month of the TinkerSketch Sketchbook Challenge on Instagram and Facebook, we’re ready to try another round in the month of March.

Over the past month I have received many notes of appreciation that shared how this challenge:

  • Was personally transformative
  • Brought families together
  • Added a meaningful shared art experience in a science-based high school
  • Created an opportunity for child-parent bonding
  • Created a ritual of making that was easy to achieve
  • Created accountability for making
  • Brought creative and supportive people together who enjoyed sharing art together

And this makes me feel great! I firmly believe that we all have creative ideas inside of us, and that drawing skills are not a requisite for creativity. Challenges such as TinkerSketch celebrate processes of creativity and a spirit of trying new things. It’s not the product, but the process that’s important.

So here we go…March madness in the form of a new sketchbook challenge.

March Sketchbook Challenge

Sketchbook challenge from TinkerLab.com

If you’re new to the TinkerSketch Sketchbook Challenge, this challenge takes place on Instagram, so you’ll want to start by following TinkerLab over there.

If you’re not on Instagram, but like to call Facebook home, join our closed Facebook group, Club TinkerLab, where you can also play.

Sketchbook Challenge from TinkerLab.com

Sketchbook Challenge FAQ’s

Next, you’ll want all the details. Read here for more.


  1. hey i am a nurse so i don’t participate in social media but do use email. so if you could assist with the sketch book idea i would love it,thanks judy

    • Hi Judy, You are most welcome to use the prompts shared in this post and work at your own speed!

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