Back to School Supply Deals

With kids going back to school this week and in the upcoming weeks, school supplies are on sale. Hooray!

This can be a good time to stock up on all the goodies you’ll need to carry you through the year. We often shop at our favorite local drug store for supplies, but there’s nothing like the convenience of ordering from home.

I combed through Amazon (this post contains affiliate links) for the best back to school supply deals, and compiled a list of some of our favorite supplies and reader recommendations.

This list contains lots of amazing deals.

While I was pulling this post together my kids thought I was making this for us: my three-year old commented that we already have plenty of Sharpies (true that) and my six-year old wondered if the laminator is our Silhouette Cameo. It’s not a Cameo, but I just checked and the Cameo also happens to be on a great sale right now too.

For Amazon Prime members (I’m one — love it!), all of these items are Amazon Prime.

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Back to School Supply Deals

Top to Bottom, Left to Right

Fiskars 5 Inch Kid Scissors Left-handed Pointed Tip, Color Received May Vary  $6.36 (not on sale).  While these aren’t on sale, good quality left-handed scissors for kids are hard to find, and these are a winner!

Elmer’s Washable No-Run School Glue, 4 oz, 1 Bottle  $1.00  (regular price: $2.18). Our very favorite glue. If you have a glue-happy family like ours, order a gallon of Elmer’s to carry you through the school year. I just ordered a gallon (not Prime) for our kids.

Sanford Sharpie SAN30075 Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Assorted, 12/Set  $7.25  ($15.36). Only our favorite permanent markers ever. Great for making Marker Explosions and Shrink Plastic Charms

Prang Oval Pan Watercolor Set, 16 Classic Colors with No. 9 Brush  $8.29 ($10.99) A friend gave a set of these to my daughter and it’s so well-loved…and due for a replacement soon. Okay, off to buy one for myself…

Swingline Precision Pro Desktop Punch, 2 – 3 Holes, Adjustable Centers, 10 Sheets  $8.97 ($24.17) 3-hole punches are so handy for all the paperwork that comes home from school.

Pentel Hi-polymer Block eraser, Large, White, 3 Pack $2.97 ($5.07) I used these in my drafting classes in college and haven’t looked for another eraser since. These rubbery erasers are smooth, don’t leave eraser marks on the paper, and won’t wrinkle the paper as you erase.

Crayola crayons, 64 Coun $5.30 ($9.99). What more can be said about Crayola Crayons? They’re a childhood staple, work super well, and the smell takes me back to being five again.

Elmer’s Washable All-Purpose School Glue Sticks .24 ounces 4-pack $1.97 ($3.65). Sometimes a glue stick just does a better job than liquid white glue. We always have these on our art cart. 

Sakura 30062 6-Piece Pigma Micron Ink Pen Set, Black  $9.27  ($17.39). These are more for me than the kids. I use these ALL the time in my sketchbook and for making TinkerSketches. They’re water-resistant, so you can paint right over them without any concern of bleeding. I also used them for my book signings!

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine With 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover  $143.32 ($449.00). We have another Brother sewing machine that’s a few years older than this model. Readers have told me that they love this one and the price makes it a winner for beginner sewers. If you’re planning to make Halloween costumes or stitched holiday gifts this year, consider getting one now to get acquainted with it before sewing season begins.

Scotch Thermal Laminator Combo Pack, Includes 20 Letter-Size Laminating Pouches, Holds Sheets up to 8.5″ x 11(TL902VP)  $33.96  ($37.99). Whenever I share this laminator, readers tell me that it’s their very favorite. The discount seems small, but it comes with 10 laminating sheets (value of $9), so the laminator is actually about $24 when you take that cost off.

X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener $26.79 ($59.99). Our daughter’s teacher has two in her classroom that are used constantly. We’ve had this sharpener for a year, and it’s a powerhouse, never-fail sharpener.


    • Thanks for sharing your find, Amy.

  1. Loving the Micron sale, Rachelle. Thanks for posting! 🙂

    • If I could be in love with a pen, it would be the Micron, Emily. 🙂

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