Bean Bags for Babies

Make easy bean bags for babies

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we made these sweet little pyramid bean bags, courtesy of The Artful Parent. I filled ours with buckwheat (picked up in the bulk section of Whole Foods) that I had to fill those lovely hot/cold therapeutic eye pillows, so I knew it would work well for these too. These little bean bags would be wonderful for all sorts of things, and in this case they were perfect for fostering hand-eye coordination and the age-old favorite of filling and emptying a container.

bean bags for babies

While I’m not a professional stitcher, I was able to crank out a full set of bean bags for my one year old during her nap. For full disclosure I’ve been sewing since I was young and studied costume design in college, but my machine has been gathering yards of dust since my kids were born. (Shhhh…if you look closely you’ll see that I made a mess out of my stitching.) If you’re a sewing veteran you’ll crank them out too, and if you’re new to sewing this is as easy as sewing gets — just give yourself time to make these and you’ll zip them out in no time.

bean bags for babies

My older daughter passed this great Melissa and Doug toy down to my one-year-old, but by the time it got to her we didn’t have all the pieces. Frustrating!

bean bags for babies

But it turns out that it’s a spectacular tool for babies to sort these small beanbags. If you don’t have a similar toy in your home, you could also try this DIY baby bucketmade from a yogurt container.

bean bags for babies

Where did they all go?

Wouldn’t these be lovely gifts for babies? It’s not too early to start thinking about the holidays, is it?

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  1. Hi Rachel!

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I love it! I am also enthusiastic about raising children with arts (as a former musician and current EEC student and mom of 2 months old boy)

    I saw these bags too on The artful parent blog and actually was going to use fabrics of different textures for a sensory experience. Good to know that I can do it fast 🙂

  2. Hi! I saw a baby fabric basket a few months ago and I would like to make it for my baby boy. I was so happy finding your lovely site again but then I realized there is no article I was looking for. Would you help me please and post it again? I find it difficult to remember the whole procedure…
    Greetings from Slovenia (you have some fans here 🙂 )!

  3. Your box is from PlanToys, not Melisa&Doug. Plan Toys are wonderful and so is your beanbags. I’m making some, thanks 🙂

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