Big, Bad, Porcelain CanvasIn preparation for a recent trip to Boston, friends suggested that I stock up on new toys to entertain my child on the airplane.  So, along with purchasing a Mrs. Potato Head and an Elmo DVD (a moment of weakness for our almost-TV-free home that thankfully paid off), I found these great washable bathtub crayons in a local beauty supply store.

I knew these would be a hit after seeing our almost-2 year old “washing” the sides of the bathtub with bars of soap and sponges.  Drawing on the bath seemed to be a natural extension of that!

Obviously, this wasn’t a plane toy, but what better place to test out bathtub crayons (that are supposed to wash off, but do we know for sure?) than in a hotel bathtub?  You’re with me, right?  I wish I was able to capture the visuals a little better, but I was busy getting a little wet as my daughter drew and erased the drawings at least four times.  I usually refrain from drawing on my child’s pictures, but she asked me to make some stars, which she promptly filled with expressive marks.  And the good news is that in the end, it all cleaned up perfectly!

The best part of this activity, in my opinion, is extending the process of mark-making beyond the piece of paper or easel. This is one of those “thinking outside the box” activities that can help kids understand that there can be more than one way to do something.  Not to mention, a lot of joy can come from freely moving greasy crayons all over a huge porcelain canvas.


  1. I bought a set when Simone was young and they were difficult to clean up. I think they were the Alex brand. but I should mention our bathtub is OLD and porous. so I opted for crayola paints instead. she paints in the tub and it’s very easy to clean her and the tub.

    • Ohhhh, good point on the surface of the bathtub. We haven’t tested them out on our own 70+ year old bathtub yet, and I appreciate the heads-up! Looks like there’s a post on tub-painting in our future. 🙂

  2. I just added your feed to my favorites. I enjoy reading your posts. Ty!

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