Chore Ideas for Kids Organized by Age

Chore Ideas by Age

When children are involved in household chores, they’re more empathetic, less self-centered, and research shows that they will become more successful adults. Read this article, the first in this series, on why chores are important: Why Chores are Good for Kids.

You’re probably here because you already know that chores are important and you’d love a list of ideas to put on a chore chart.

Chore Ideas by Age

The following chores are merely a guideline based on general developmental abilities and attention spans. You know your child and family needs best, so feel free to move these chores up or down into different age categories as you like. Pick and choose the chores that you would like your child to work on and add them to your weekly chore chart.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing chores:

  1. Children will be more invested if they choose their own chores
  2. Chosen chores should help the entire family, not just the child
  3. Be encouraging, yet limit praise around chores
  4. Limit the number of chores so children feel success and accomplishment

chore ideas for kids

Little Kids/Preschool/2-5

Pick up toys

Put laundry in the hamper

Color sort laundry

Bring in the mail

Help prepare dinner (salad tossing in the photo above)

Feed pet/s

Make bed

Wipe dining table


Help carry in light groceries

Set part or all of the table

Big Kids/Elementary/6-11

Make bed

Set the table

Simple food prep or help

Clear breakfast table

Wash dishes

Fold laundry

Put clothes away


Sweep Floors

Take out garbage

Make breakfast

Make school lunch

Load/Unload dishwasher/drying rack

Wash the car

Put groceries away

Rake leaves

Bigger Kids/Middle and High School/12-18

Iron clothes

Clean bathroom

Cook a meal

Yard work

Babysit younger siblings

Get the customizable Chore Chart Here. The chart is part of a 5-page downloadable PDF that includes the list of chore ideas.

chore chart and ideas

Chore Chart Template

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  1. i love your ideas ,for me i love play fun games this will definitely help my kids in the finger muscle development grasping I am coronation
    final four skool development as well as the growth mode .

    • Thank you so much, Amanda. I’m so glad you found me. 🙂

  2. I strongly agree with you, at young age kids should be taught about responsibility. Great content, parents should know the chore ideas for their kids. It can help them at the same time this can be more fun to them 🙂

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