Creative Table Inspiration

what's on your creative table at tinkerlabIn the four days since I posted about the  Creative Table projectI’ve been amazed at the variety of ideas that have come from this International group; everything from a geology lesson to oversized PVC pipe tinkering toys to making paper dolls. As I’m typing this, more creative table images are coming in, and I’ll be sure to post those next week.

These images are mostly shared on Instagram (I’m a huge fan. Are you?), but you can also share by simply uploading your image onto this form.

Well, enough jibber-jabber. Have a look for yourself. Get inspired. And since this is a brand-new project, I’d love to get your feedback on what would make this project even better.

Creative table art invitation inspiration from TinkerlabTop Row: Dress in progress from Amy, Maker Mama   *   Paper Collage from Rachelle, Tinkerlab   *   Letterboxes and miniature letters with low temperature hot glue gun, scissors, paper card and markers from Ali, At Home with Ali
Middle Row: Canvas pictures, paint, paint brushes and hands from Robin   *   Pony Bead Mandala from Jen, Paint Cut Paste   *   Paper Dolls, Kara from Simple Kids
Bottom Row: PVC Pipe Sprinkler from Katie, A Childhood List   *   Dried black beans, cornmeal, yellow pom poms, honey sticks, pictures of flowers (from a postcard), pipe cleaners, pony beads, lavender from Jennifer Fisher, The Good Long Road   *   Water color on stained tea paper from Jen, Paint Cut Paste

Creative table art invitation inspiration from TinkerlabTop Row: Things I’ve been painting white: tops, a small box, a cardboard from Angela   *   Painting Fancy Nancy from Ali, At Home with Ali   *   Water color and ice from Angela
Middle Row: Kids’ catalogues and glue from Angela   *   Bundled tri-color drawing from Kate and Picklebums   *   Beading from At Home with Ali
Bottom Row: Painting Rocks from At Home with Ali   *   Salt and Glue (with watercolors) from Courtney   *   Watercolor painting from Emilie
Creative table art invitation inspiration from TinkerlabTop Row: Lucy’s table from Courtney   *   “Melting” chalk from Angela   *   Geology Exploration from Jen, Paint Cut Paste
Middle Row: Home made stamps from Courtney   *    Leaf Rubbing from Jena, Happy Little Messes   *   Drawing in Sketchbook from Maya at MemeTales
Bottom Row:  Tea stained paper from Jen, Paint Cut Paste   *   Leaf Rubbing from Jena, Happy Little Messes   *   Tempera painting from Emilie

Submit your creative table here.

So, what do you think? Are you inspired? Is there anything that would help this project run better? 


  1. I love this project! It’s so simple and easy to take part of it! Just take a photo and share it. Thank you!

    • I feel the same way, Angela. I’ve also enjoyed seeing everyone’s ideas in real time. Very inspiring!!

  2. I am loving this project too… so inspiring both looking at everyone’s images as well as inspiring me to try a few things with my kids that have been sitting in the back of my head!

    • Exactly right, Kate! We do so many projects that don’t warrant a full-blown post, and this is the perfect place to share them.

  3. Thanks so much for including our lavender sensory bin. I love your creative table posts and inspirations so much!!

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