This creative week. A week of inspiration from Tinkerlab.

Happy Weekend to you! I’m working on an exciting writing project that requires a lot of hunkering-down-to-work time, so the girls and I temporarily moved to Massacussetts where my in-laws have graciously offered to play with the kids while I work. Here’s a little snapshot of the view around here.

this creative week

It looks like I’m working hard, huh?  I’ve also been saving a bunch of fun finds for you this week, and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I  have.

I recently discovered Kelly Rae Roberts’ blog, and it’s amazing. Kelly Rae is an artist and author, and her blog is visual eye candy. If you straddle the worlds of parenting and work, you’ll get lost in her life strategies for getting it all done. I’m also kind of obsessed with this post about her little curbside lending library.

this creative week

Alisa Burke gives us a peek inside her sketchbook. Her whole blog looks like this. Crazy-good stuff and another smart mom/artist/entrepreneur.

this creative week

An Everyday Story is a beautifully written blog about raising children in Montessori and Reggio-Emilia environments. It’s written by Kate, mom to two little ones.  I’m smitten by her most recent post about using mirrors and buttons in an open-ended Reggio-inspired activity. You can also get a peek at Kate’s Montessori-inspired home at How We Montessori.

this creative week

Are you on Pinterest? This is one of my favorite Pin Boards: Art Recipes, and it’s full of DIY doughs, paints, and sidewalk chalk. You can follow all of my boards here.

fave pinboards for creative families

This DIY travel watercolor set from Shealynn’s Faerie Shoppe is made with grown-up watercolors is lovely, and perfect for those times that the $2 drug store set won’t cut it. Shealynn’s tutorial is great, and will give you more reasons to eat Altoids.

this creative week

Not-to-be-missed article on How to Encourage Drawing Skills, Confidence, & Creativity in Young Children from ever so talented and relatable Jean of The Artful Parent.

this creative week

Exceptional Books for Exploring Great Artists, from Alissa at Creative with Kids, will introduce you to a few books you may not already know about.

this creative week

What do you think about this genius idea to repurpose boxes and tubes and place them on top of a sensory box, filled with corn? Dang! It’s genius, if you ask me. From Tom Bedard at Sand and Water Tables.

this creative week

Amanda from Not Just Cute shares this useful post with us…What’s in my Art Closet: Five Favorite Supplies. 

this creative week

I love to see how other people organize their studio supplies, and this Outdoor Creativity Center on Playful Learning is no exception. While you’re there, check out the new look, inviting look of Playful Learning and consider buying Mariah’s amazing book by the same title.

this creative week

That’s it for now! Have a great weekend.


  1. Thanks so much for including me in such great company, Rachelle! (I saw that DIY watercolor set in your FB feed — I LOVE that idea! Once you use “real” watercolors, the others just won’t do!)

    • It’s so true, Amanda. We’ve been travelling and brought the $2 watercolor sets along. They’re great in a pinch, but the palettes and intensity of color can be so limiting.

    • Thanks, Camino. I’m flattered and look forward to checking it out!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to check out all of those websites! Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s my pleasure! I’ve only done a few weekend round-ups, and this week there was just too much good stuff to not share.

  3. Thanks Rachelle. The real geniuses are the children who really know how to explore space and make it their own.

    • Of course you’re right, Tom! And it’s pure joy to watch them experiment and come up with novel solutions to their own problems. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thanks for sending so many lovely people over to my little space Rachelle. I LOVE the little free library! I love the sense of trust and community behind it. I hope we see more of these little libraries around, what a great way to encourage reading as well as build friendships. Just beautiful.

    • I love your new blog, Kate, and oh-so-happy to send people your way. Your voice is so gentle and I enjoy reading how you document your journey with your children. I have yet to spot one of these libraries in real life, but maybe it’s my calling to put one out there in our little neighborhood.

      • You should! I am so inspired, when we finally get around to buying our own place I am going to start one of these little libraries. What a great way to meet the neighbours and encourage people to get out and about. I love it.

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