Double Page Spread: Week 4 {Inspiration + Art Prompts}

The Double Page Spread Challenge started just one month ago on May 7, and as of today 105 photos have been uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #tinkersketch. I’m so grateful for this fun and supportive little (growing) community and look forward to sharing updates and prompts with you each week.

Although I started the DPS Challenge with adults in mind, the challenge is open to anyone who’s inspired to open a notebook and make something happen inside. If you’d like to infuse your life with more creativity, you’re invited to join the DPS challenge at any time.

double page spread: week 4 {inspiration + art prompts}

The drawings don’t have to be gallery-worthy (although some of them certainly are), they just have to happen. One idea fuels another, and no drawing/sketch/painting/collage is too insignificant to be included.

double page spread: week 4 {inspiration + art prompts}

Special thanks to my power team, @angaleta and @cmarashian (Chelsey and her co-pilot Lucy) for showing up almost every day to make this happen! More fabulous contributors from week 4: @sarahholst @jlbee @sisterbeats @supershortcake


Afsaneh Tajvidi sketchbook

Follow my Double Page Spread Challenge Pin Board over on Pinterest for more inspiration. (Sketchbook by Afsaneh Tajvidi, courtesy of Anthology Magazine via Pinterest)

Art Journaling Techniques and Inspiration Pin Board from The Mad Pinner, on Pinterest.

quick and easy art journal backgrounds

A Weekly Plan for 5 Different Types of Art Journalers, from Balzer Designs (above)

No More Blank Pages: How to make quick and easy backgrounds for your Art Journal, from Balzer Designs

alisa burke sketchbook

Alisa Burke’s Sketchbooks (above) are to-die-for.

This week’s DPS Prompts

I’ll post prompts on my site at the beginning of each week. Some of you requested them, others did not. Feel free to use them if they work for you, or ignore them completely.

  • Crumple up a piece from a paper bag, smooth it down, glue it into your sketchbook, and embellish it with at least two different materials
  • Fill a page with curved doodles. No straight lines allowed.
  • Take a close up photo graph of an object; so close that the image abstracts the original shape. Make a drawing from this photograph to make an abstract drawing.
  • Print with leaves or flowers
  • Pound flowers onto your sketchbook until the color transfers to your paper
  • Write a letter to a character from a children’s book
  • Drip paint all over the page.
  • Find some kids’ crayons and draw a childhood memory, with your non-dominant hand
  • Find two pictures that inspire you and copy something from each of them into one drawing of your own


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  1. Art Journaling looks like fun. One of my daughter enjoys drawing too. We’ll have to get her a notebook and start one.

  2. Some great prompts here! I love the idea of drawing a childhood memory using my non-dominant hand. Perhaps that will be my tinkersketch for tomorrow 🙂

  3. Rachelle, I am too inspired to start right away!

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