Driftwood Sculptures and See-Saws

driftwood hutWe went to a San Gregorio State Beach, a beach absolutely littered with driftwood and some of the most wonderful soft sand. My 10-month old was in sand heaven! Driftwood sculptures (like the one at the top) spotted the sand for as far as the eye could see. (which wasn’t too far, truthfully, given all that chilly fog at 4 pm!). We were captivated by these and wondered about how they were made, who made them, and who might relax or even live in them.

driftwood seesawBut when we spotted he driftwood see-saw (!!!!), it was love at first sight. I’ve never seen anything like it and found it to be so simple, yet so captivating.

What are your favorite things to do on the beach?


    • i know, melissa, it should be that. but we just sat there and enjoyed all that the beach offered us. and we brought home some driftwood to decorate the mantle. but i’m sure the driftwood structures will inspired us in the near future!

  1. I love this entry. It reminds me of building things on the beach: sand castles, driftwood tee-pees, and shell designs. You’re right: beaches are rife with simple, captivating inspirations.

    • thanks, chris! little baby rainbow just dug into the sand for a good hour, loving the feel of it on her skin. yes, it can be as simple as that!!

  2. I LOVE driftwood. We just went to a beach on the Outer Banks (NC) and I was hoping to find a few pieces. But I had no luck at all… Love the idea of a driftwood see-saw – must have been tons of fun! With no driftwood around here, we recently built a see-saw out of an overturned chair and a leftover board.

    • oh, lucky you, yelena!! i’ve never been to OBX, but i’ve heard it’s like heaven!! i like your see-saw invention. brilliant, as usual!!

  3. We like to look at the tide pools… endless wonder and fascination for Colorado-native people like ourselves!

  4. oh, i love this. we went to the ocean last night (florida) and i could only find a few twigs…. i would love to be on a beach with all those huge pieces to play with.

    and the sea saw… brilliant!

    • you may not have driftwood, but at least your ocean is warm, amy!! we saw a dad and his son fishing in waders and hoodies. brrr.

  5. We are also in Northern CA, and just had our first outing to the beach. We were luckier with the weather than you are. Anna loved getting into water and building “a well”. Can’t wait to come again!

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