Baby's first drawing

My kids just reached an age where they hang out and play together. It’s really sweet when it’s sweet, and then not-so-sweet when a civil little game of Row your Boat can turn into vigorous rowing that capsizes the boat and knocks the baby overboard. Or something similar. But here we had a nice afternoon that was full of sketching for everyone, or at least that’s the way I remember it. My memory isn’t so hot these days and the reality is that all hell may have broken loose moments later.

first drawing

Baby Rainbow (10 months) watched my oldest, N (3 years), make drawing after drawing in her sketchbook, and then she snuck right in, took a pencil for herself, and added marks to her big sister’s sketchbook. As you can imagine, big sister was none too happy about this. So I pulled out large sheets of paper, sat little Rainbow right in front of them, and we had two happy drawing campers.

first drawing

Baby Rainbow loved this! She seemed to understand that she was responsible for making the marks on her paper, in the same way that she recognizes that pushing a light switch down turns the lights out. It’s remarkable to watch these firsts, full with their “ah-hah” moments, as each succeeding experience builds on these foundations. But I wanted to get the cheapest graphics tablet I could find and test it out. 

If you have a baby and you’re thinking about this activity, I say give it a go. You could look for signs of interest or just go for it by setting your baby up on top of a big sheet of paper with some crayons or markers (we prefer markers because they move easily and they’re vivid — easy to use and easy to see!). You’ll be rewarded with your child’s first drawing, something wonderful to hang on the wall, and maybe a little marker on the face (look closely and you’ll see it!).

What “first” is your child currently working on?


    • So funny, Liga! She’s been out of the spotlight, but I guess this is her big debut!

  1. this is so sweet to see! we had fun with markers and also with crayons at first, too… here are some of our first art experiences: https://www.paintcutpaste.com/earliest-art-experiences/

    one of my favorite things to do with N (when she was around 14 months old) was to tape off the borders of a page with artists’ tape and let her scribble all over it, then peel away the edges, like you see in the link above (and more of it here: https://www.paintcutpaste.com/clean-edges-crazy-scribbes/ )

    i’m so excited to see how your blog will document in having artists in two different developmental stages creating masterpieces in your home! so heartwarming!

  2. My son is working on writing and drawing more detailed pictures. He’s three and I love his drawings. It’s amazing how they are changing from day to day.

    • How exciting, LJ!! I’m right there with you…My 3 year old has JUST started drawing realistically, and watching the ideas unfold is mind-blowing. Enjoy 🙂

  3. I just stumbled on your blog…so much fun and low cost stuff u do with your kids I am going to do each of these projects with my 22 month old twin boys…who will not at all sit down! I have no idea where to get these supplies from?? is there a internet resource whr u cann get them at a good rate?

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